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"Environment" reviews the details of the presidential initiative "100 Million Trees" : Cairo

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, reviewed a report on the efforts and procedures undertaken by the ministry during the first phase of the President's initiative "100 Million Trees", which will be implemented over a period of 7 years.

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The minister stressed that this initiative will have a great impact, as it will have social returns represented in doubling the per capita share of green space, which currently amounts to 1.2 m, as well as the absorption of pollutants and the seizure of fumes and dust, which will reflect positively on the health of citizens, in addition to environmental returns represented in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. heat transfer by about 170,000 tons annually, equivalent to 20% of the total annual emissions in Egypt, and improving air quality.

The Minister of Environment stated that the Ministry participated in the first year of the initiative by planting nearly 1.3 million trees throughout the Republic, where 500,000 trees were provided and were planted in all governorates of the Republic within the initiative (a decent life) in its two stages, and a number of trees were planted. From public schools, universities, institutes, mosques, churches, neighborhoods and civil associations nationwide, as well as the most polluted areas in Helwan, Al-Tebbin, Tora and Al-Maasara, with a number of not less than 550 thousand trees, in addition to afforestation of the main roads (the ring road - Wadi Al-Alamein Road and Wadi Al-Natrun with a length of 20 km) and others in coordination with the Commission The General Authority for Roads and Bridges with 100,000 trees and seedlings, and participation with civil society institutions in planting nearly 150,000 trees in the governorates of the Republic.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad indicated that the trees are selected according to the appropriate environmental standards that are suitable for each of the governorates in terms of climate, lack of water need and speed of growth, and the ministry is following up on what has been implemented in coordination with the governorates and local units in terms of maintenance and follow-up of those trees that have been planted to ensure their sustainability. In addition to providing technical recommendations when planting trees according to the foundations of planting and the distances between trees.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad also explained that the ministry is carrying out afforestation campaigns in various governorates of the republic in cooperation with civil society within the framework of the Egyptian state's efforts in the climate file, as these campaigns are carried out through the regional branches of the ministry in cooperation with the governors, and the focus is on planting trees around schools to act as A message to school students about the importance of planting trees with the aim of instilling a culture of afforestation and preserving the environment among young people and introducing them to the importance of preserving natural resources. Not less than 400 public schools in Cairo, Giza, Menoufia, Qalyubia and 6th of October, in addition to the afforestation of no less than 15 universities and colleges, as well as the afforestation of a number of neighborhoods, including the neighborhoods of Maadi, Ain Shams, Al-Salam 2,1, Misr Al-Qadima, Al-Masara, and Tora, in addition to afforestation.Around mosques, churches, youth centers and courts, with a total number of 100,000 trees.

And Dr. Yasmine Fouad continued, that within the framework of transforming the city of Sharm El-Sheikh into a green city in preparation for the Climate Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh (COP27), the Ministry of Environment carried out many afforestation works in the city, and the green zone, or the so-called ZoneGreen, was implemented as it was designed and implemented at the highest level. It is possible through planting a large number of distinguished trees, green spaces and flowers, in addition to raising the efficiency of the Peace Park affiliated with the Ministry on an area of ​​​​33 acres adjacent to the green zone, in addition to the tree forest in the garden on an area of ​​​​15 acres, where afforestation works were carried out with a number of not less than 45 thousand trees and seedlings. Cultivation inside the garden of different types of trees, palms, semi-palms, some rare plants, and medicinal and aromatic plants. The delegations of the participating countries praised the decent and honorable appearance of them.

And Dr. Yasmine Fouad continued, that within the framework of the President’s directives regarding caring for tree forests and maximizing their utilization, several meetings were held with a number of concerned authorities in the state, to inventory tree forests at the level of the Republic, as the inventory resulted in the number of forests in the Arab Republic of Egypt according to the latest inventory. 60 tree forests.

The minister explained that the President's interest in tree forests aims to maximize benefit from them and to plant wooden trees of high economic feasibility in the production of wood such as mahogany trees and others, as well as trees producing biofuel (jatropha), as well as solving environmental problems resulting from the accumulation of wastewater, and contributes to reducing Air pollution and climate improvement, in addition to being one of the solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. It also contributes to the provision of wood, the reduction of imports, the creation of job opportunities for young people, and the protection of soil from pollution. Noting that work will be done during the coming period, in coordination with the relevant ministries, to increase forest areas in Egypt and to choose types of trees that have a great economic return.

Regarding the efforts of the Ministry of Environment in establishing nurseries, Dr. Yasmin Fouad confirmed that the ministry attaches great importance to nurseries, as it recently raised the efficiency of the ministry’s nursery in New Cairo (the first phase) on an area of ​​​​11 acres. To plant roads, schools, universities, institutes, neighborhoods, mosques, churches and youth centers. The Ministry also contributes to the establishment of nurseries in the governorates of the Republic in accordance with Article 27 of the Environment Law 1994.

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