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Does Stephen Hawking say mankind is heading for destruction? The mysterious substance found in the deep sea also exists in humans

Mankind is heading for destruction

By Carlo PhilPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Sometimes when you think about it, is it a good thing that technology is accelerating? Although our life has become very convenient because of the progress of technology, the earth has become a small "village", these are indeed the positive changes brought to us by technology.

But we should pay more attention to some of the negative effects brought about by the development of technology. In fact, because of the rapid development of technology, is already the ecological environment has suffered serious damage, you have not felt, in recent years more and more natural disasters and extreme weather is the best evidence. If the development of modern technology is at such a rate, it will not take long, we will destroy ourselves because of the development of technology.

Interestingly, not long ago, scientists accidentally discovered a "relic" at the bottom of the sea. The appearance of a deep-sea relic has greatly mobilized the interest of scientists around the world. Of course, this so-called "relic" is completely different from the one we all remember, because it is composed of a large amount of plastic waste.

"Deep-sea relics"?

Plastic was invented by man in the 1920s, and after so many years of development, there are an infinite number of combinations of plastic from the point of view of the composition of chemical elements. And plastic in the life of the application is too extensive, human activities produce a large number of plastic waste, and even in the deep sea today there are plastic garbage "relics".

With the impact of human activities, there are now all kinds of garbage in the ocean. Some friends may be curious, the ocean is so far away from human activities, why plastic will accumulate into "deep sea relics"? The reason is very simple we failed to protect the environment, and much plastic garbage is washed into the sea along the river.

In addition, human activities on the beach will also produce a lot of plastic waste, and then into the sea. In addition, to human ships sailing on the sea, there are also a lot of people throwing a lot of plastic garbage into the sea. We also know that plastic is non-biodegradable or difficult to degrade materials, so, plastic waste day after day, year after year, accumulation of the number of larger and larger.

With time, the accumulation of marine litter and more, not to mention the deep sea, even the world's deepest place - the Marianas Trench, there is also the presence of plastic litter. Some scientists even believe that because of human activities, resulted in the emergence of the so-called "dead zone" in the ocean.

Plastic pollution in humans too

Frankly speaking, human activities and human plastic pollution is already serious damage to the ecological environment. Scientists have found that plastic pollution also exists in the human body, except that the human body is not formed plastic, but countless plastic particles are invisible to the naked eye. For this reason, scientists conducted an in-depth investigation of the experiment.

Scientists found that when plastic bags are immersed in seawater and after receiving sun exposure, they will gradually decompose into plastic particles invisible to the naked eye. These plastic particles are eaten by marine life, then spread through the food chain, and finally salvaged by human fishing boats on the human dinner table. In other words, our pollution of the sea is now beginning to backfire on us.

Scientists found plastic particles in the deep sea, but also our bodies on a large scale. Scientists extracted human fecal samples for analysis and found that there are more than a dozen kinds of plastic particles, and the more seafood you eat regularly, the higher the level of plastic particles that accumulate in your body. This phenomenon deserves our attention, doesn't it? If we don't curb it, will we be "eaten" by plastic in the future?


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