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Does Shenzhen appear auspicious spectacle? A large number of people saw a miraculous scene, the whole city shines golden

Shenzhen appears in the auspicious strange scene

By Carlo PhilPublished 12 months ago 4 min read

People in Shenzhen home from work look up at the sky can see a fantastical scene, the whole city seems to be surrounded by countless golden lights, a golden scene, like a dream.

Citizens have stopped to see this scene, take and out their cell phones for filming, many local people said that people living here for decades have not seen such a scene, they took a video to share with their friends. Some experts have come forward to say that this is a cloud-gap light, a natural phenomenon of the Tyndall effect, and some citizens say that this is a heavenly blessing. So "cloud gap light" in the end how is the formation of it? Experts say the Tyndall effect and what is an effect?

What is cloud gap light? And how is this light formed?

Cloud gap light is sunlight from the cloud around the sun, due to the reason of thick clouds, sunlight can not penetrate, only from the edge of the clouds in all directions, due to the dust in the air makes the light visible, like a pillar of light from the sky. This phenomenon is not and the public said difficult to see, but usually due to the natural environment o the restrictions may not be so obvious this time.

In February 2018 in Jiangxi Nanchang there was an obvious cloud gap light, when countless hazy light from the edge of the clouds, the edge of the clouds as if encrusted with gold, this scene then also caused the public to stop and enjoy; October 16 of the same year, the location in the United States of America, Michigan, a local photography enthusiast Vincent Brady as usual with professional photographic equipment in the cold night out, he The intention was to photograph the Aurora Arboreal, but by coincidence he found that what appeared in the sky was not the Aurora Arboreal, but a more shocking pillar of light than the Aurora Arboreal, countless pillars of light spread across the sky, which was later the sensational Whitefish Bay pillar of light event; time to May 24, this year, at about 16:00 pm, in the Forbidden City of Beijing also appeared a very spectacular cloud gap light phenomenon, as can be seen from the video that later flowed out of the shooting The video was taken from a later stream, and countless rays of light passed through the gaps in the clouds and shot straight to the earth, as if in a fairyland, the visual effect was quite shocking, and many citizens put this spectacle online and shared it with everyone.

In summary, we can know that the cloud gap light can be said to be a very common natural phenomenon, but we usually do not watch the sky carefully or the phenomenon is not obvious so they are not observed, in general, before the rain or after the rain, before sunset is the easiest to observe this dream-like beauty this is a display of the Tyndall effect.

So what exactly is the Tyndall effect?

Speaking of the Tyndall effect, it is necessary to mention the British physicist John Tyndall, who in 1869 discovered a way in which light can become visible to the naked eye when a beam of light propagating in the colloid will appear as a strange optical phenomenon. In his experiments, he discovered a quality of light that creates a distinct path when light is directed into a colloid, but not when it is directed into a solution, which is a common method used in chemistry today to distinguish solutions from colloids.

The principle is due to the formation of colloidal particles on the scattering of light, to put it bluntly, the nature of the Tyndall effect is a scattering phenomenon of light, we can imagine when a beam of light in the colloid propagation, suddenly the particles than the incident light wave many times larger when the light due to the mirror effect in which there will be light reflection phenomenon; but if the particles are smaller than the incident light wavelength, the scattering phenomenon of light, the phenomenon of light. This time in the sky over Shenzhen appeared countless columns of light from the sky and its essence is the scattering of light caused by the phenomenon.

The Tyndall effect is ubiquitous in life, but less often in the city.

In the natural world is often seen in this phenomenon, such as in the early morning woods, especially in the morning of the fog, the sun has just come out of the fog the moment the opportunity to penetrate from the leaves of countless pillars of light, which is also a beautiful scene pursued by many photographers, it can be said that nature produces one of the most beautiful Tyndall effects, because clouds, fog, which is essentially a colloid.

And this time in Shenzhen, a large city throughout the city of the Tidal phenomenon is a normal phenomenon, not much to do with the auspiciousness of the sky, with the increasing depth of Internet technology, these natural wonders are not often seen on a regularization be more and more frequently recorded. Usually these natural wonders can be explained by scientific theories, so there is no need to spread some unscientific rumors on the Internet to avoid unnecessary panic, In treating nature we should not only have awe but also continue to explore. So everyone, have you ever seen the light path formed by the Tyndall effect? You are also welcome to share with me in the comments section!


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