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Deciphering Destiny

The Choice Between Nuronium and Polixate for the Future of Our Existence

By Shelby AndersonPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Deciphering Destiny
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

On your extraordinary planet, the essence of life hinges entirely upon the presence of the extraordinary element known as Nuronium. Remarkably similar to humans in nearly every other aspect, your species relies on Nuronium within the atmosphere for the sustenance of normal cognition. The absence of this vital component results in a profound loss of the capacity to imagine and engage in reflective thinking. Over time, individuals even find themselves bereft of the ability to create and retain long-term memories.

While the delicacy of this situation is undeniable, there exists a silver lining—Nuronium serves as an infinite source of clean energy, propelling your people to thrive for millennia. However, distressing news has recently surfaced, revealing that the entire reservoir of Nuronium has suffered irreversible contamination. The element now emits a pollutant that adversely affects fertility in your species, and if reliance on this resource persists, the dire consequence is the impending extinction of your people within a mere century.

Fate, however, has presented a fortuitous turn of events. Your astute scientists have pinpointed a passing comet named Polixate, from which they can extract an alternative energy source. Polixate, unlike Nuronium, does not induce infertility and promises the same renewable energy benefits. Yet, it falls short in sustaining cognition in the same manner. Should Polixate replace Nuronium in the atmosphere, the loss of creativity, long-term memories, and ultimately, the disappearance of your entire culture looms.

The fleeting window of opportunity lies with the Polixate comet, which will remain in orbit for only a few days, its return postponed for centuries. The onus now falls upon your society's administrative council to make a momentous decision—persist with Nuronium or embark on an expedition to harvest Polixate.

The current impasse finds the board evenly split, awaiting your decisive vote. Dr. Taylof's contingent advocates for the continuation of Nuronium usage, contending that your species' rich culture, spanning literature, music, art, agriculture, medicine, and technology achievements, defines a life worth living. They assert that without the memories of your people's history and the ability to dream up new inventions, future generations would be reduced to mere survival without the richness of imagination and culture.

Conversely, Dr. Kahan and colleagues adamantly disagree, acknowledging that adopting Polixate would diminish your people's quality of life. Yet, they argue that with basic needs met, a form of happiness akin to that observed in less complex life forms could prevail. For Dr. Kahan, the paramount concern is the preservation of life itself, positing that every member contributes, in small but constant ways, to the betterment of your people, ultimately enhancing the total happiness of your species.

Dr. Taylof rebuffs the notion that maximizing happiness is the ultimate life goal, emphasizing that a valuable life encompasses not just happiness but also meaningfulness. Acting as links in the chain of tradition and preserving cultural artifacts are, according to them, fundamental sources of meaning for a species. Mere existence, akin to the contentment of pets, lacks inherent value in their view.

On the other hand, advocates for Polixate find it ethically questionable to choose extinction. Dr. Kahan argues that there is no moral distinction between what your species actively does and what it passively allows to happen when alternative choices are available. Choosing extinction, in their view, equates to mass murder, a conscious decision with profound moral implications.

Both factions present compelling arguments, but the council awaits your decisive vote. Shall it be Nuronium for a while, preserving the intricate tapestry of culture and imagination, or the pursuit of Polixate, ensuring the continuity of life with potential sacrifices in creativity and cultural depth? The fate of your people rests in your hands.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    Whoaaa, I've never even heard about any of these. So fascinating!

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