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Dan Yonghuang

by Eartha J Adams 3 months ago in short story
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Although the chrysanthemum is not as elegant as the peony, not as charming as the moon

Dan Yonghuang
Photo by Pond Juprasong on Unsplash

Although the chrysanthemum is not as elegant as the peony, not as charming as the moon, and not as noble and elegant as the lily, her proud frost spirit is indeed endearing. The following is a sample essay on chrysanthemums, welcome to read it. I hope it will help you!

A fourth-grade essay on chrysanthemums 1

The autumn wind has arrived, and those flowers that bloomed in the spring have been stumped and have lost their former beauty. However, at this time, the chrysanthemum is facing the cold autumn wind, proudly blooming, really "after the lotus flower blooming hundred flowers brakes, full of the city with golden armor."

In the face of the autumn wind, the chrysanthemum looks like a pavilion, like a holy maiden, its branches are thin and straight, look weak, really worry about it, but its roots are deep into the ground, the autumn wind can not help it.

Look, the colors of chrysanthemums are red, white, yellow, purple, black and red, white and yellow 。。。。。。 The colors are different and glorious. There are many varieties of chrysanthemums, including hydrangea, stargazer, hairy chrysanthemum, big red chrysanthemum, and so on. Full sky star - as the name suggests, is as small and as many as stars, as if the sky is full of stars, it is orange, with two or three layers of petals, while the core of the flower is orange-red, like a honeycomb. As soon as you get close to it you will smell a faint fragrance, straight into the heart and lungs, refreshing. The golden hairy chrysanthemum is particularly striking, its petals are not one by one, but "one by one", its petals are very thin, is curled, from a distance, like our usual soup with a spoon, close up, and like a drink with a straw, and its back is long with fluffy, so named hairy chrysanthemum 。。。。。。

The chrysanthemum not only has a high ornamental value but also is good medicine to remove heat and fire and a rare good drink, so we all love it.

I love the chrysanthemum, but also love its resilient character and tenacious spirit!

A fourth-grade essay on chrysanthemum 2

Summer's sister left quietly with light steps, and an autumn girl came to us.

My house has a small back garden. In spring, all kinds of flowers bloom first, and all kinds of colors can be beautiful. Now only the chrysanthemum is proudly open, full of chrysanthemums, red like fire, yellow like gold, white like snow, and pink like haze ......

Look! The pink chrysanthemum stands tall, how like a tenacious and unyielding little warrior. Look there, a cluster of chrysanthemums piled up together, listening to the autumn wind teacher tell them a story!

Some of the chrysanthemums are long like curly hair, and some are round like dandelions. Some of the flowers are very large and big, like big delicate discs, and some are tiny, like cute little round balls. When you walk into a chrysanthemum bush in autumn, a faint fragrance comes over you, which is the light and elegant fragrance of chrysanthemums!

Although the chrysanthemum is not as elegant as the peony, not as charming as the moonflower, and not as noble and elegant as the lily, her proud frost spirit is endearing.

I not only like the beauty of the chrysanthemum but also like its proud spirit of frost. In autumn, all the other flowers wither, but the chrysanthemum blossoms vigorously and challenges the autumn wind with its head held high in the cold and biting autumn wind.

We should be as resilient as chrysanthemums, no matter how difficult things are, we should challenge them with our heads held high and not give up.

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