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Conscious Gift guide

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By Eva SmitePublished about a year ago 5 min read
Conscious Gift guide
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Mother Nature, Gaia, planet Earth - home we all share. Energetically speaking it is a feminine aspect of creation, she supports us all, she gives birth, she sustains and nourishes. And more often than not we take it for granted. Last couple of years , albeit challenging in many ways, also had many silver linings attached to them. They illuminated few important themes, serving as a catalyst for many to dig deep and find out their true values. As we were pushed to be less connected to each other and Nature, many started to appreciate all those things we used to take for granted. Additionally, as we faced something totally unprecedented - our resilience was tested and many of us started to take our health and well-being more seriously. You can say that what is emerging for many as a result of the events of the last two years, is a more conscious approach to life, more holistic view of oneself, as well as the interconnectedness of all things on this planet.

I always had mixed feelings when certain lifestyle choices were promoted purely in order to avoid the eco-catastrophe, and possible extinction of our species. That call to action was fear based and not truly transformative for the individual on a deeper level - just some surface motions. Yes, we need to care about the environment, about our planet, about the world we live in. But we need to do so out of love not fear, because we do not exist separately from the environment and the planet. As our lungs inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide - the trees are engaging in the exact opposite process by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, making us mutually dependent on one another. What I didn’t know until very recently is that it is not only forests that make sure we have enough oxygen to breathe, but so do the oceans. Turns out that at least half of planets oxygen is produced thanks to photosynthetic plankton found on the surface layer of oceans. The interconnectedness of all things is truly remarkable, which is why when we stay connected to Nature, we feel stronger and healthier on all levels - since our bodies are part of Nature, valuing it and living in harmony with it is truly in our best interests.

By NASA on Unsplash

Additionally, the events starting in the year 2020 forced the whole world to slow down. But even before the pandemic many people started to realise that faster doesn’t necessarily mean better - a good example being fast fashion. It is essentially wasting the resources by producing a very large amount of low quality clothes that do not last, and need to be replaced the next season, as well as by polluting water and land with toxic chemicals. Sustainability is no doubt a very high priority, but the humanitarian aspect is no less important. Since the low cost production and high profits are the main values of fast fashion giants, there seems to be a lot of exploitation of the workforce, such as paying them very little - way below the minimum wage, or even using child labour.

For this gift guide I picked few brands who inspired me to look deeper into these themes, brands who channel the above mentioned values into their products and create solutions for some of the problems humanity is facing.

For your body

“Stay Wild” swim is one of the coolest brands I came across of recently. Being both sustainable and ethical it ticks quite a few boxes. Their swimwear is made from the regenerated ocean plastic, and they genuinely care about the environment by promoting slow fashion and conscious consumption. Additionally the brand is celebrating and empowering women by using models of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages. The styles are designed in such way that they look flattering on any body type, plus their swimwear is produced in the same place it is conceived - UK, allowing to ensure the production is ethical and workers are treated well.

When I browse their page I feel a sense of adventure in the wilderness , the mystery, beauty and depth of the ocean. In other words the wild woman archetype - free, creative, unapologetically herself, connected to the rhythms and elements of Nature. An archetype that for a long time was suppressed in our society, but is returning now.

For your face

Speaking of wild, there is another inspirational British brand - skincare named “Wild Mint”. Their philosophy is a lifestyle that is kind to both the planet and to our bodies. Not only is it 100% vegan, cruelty-free & toxin-free, they also ensure a tree 🌳 is planted for every order. For this purpose they partnered with “TreeSisters” - a women’s environmental charity who is on a mission to counterbalance the widespread deforestation by planting trees all over the globe.

One of the downsides of modern living is that we are literally bombarded with toxins on a daily basis , and with skin being our largest organ - it is only sensible to minimise the exposure to questionable ingredients in skincare, and use the natural ones instead. “Wild Mint” products are made with superfoods such as goji berries, apricot oil, oat silk and Marula to name a few. This brands ideology really inspires me to take a better care of myself and my skin.

For your home

Another British made inspiration is a brand called “World of Bamboo”. They specialise in organic eco-friendly every day products for the kitchen and bathroom such as cotton buds, razors, air fresheners, cutlery etc. Items are predominantly made from bamboo - a great alternative to plastic. Bamboo has been used in Asia for centuries, and since the rise of sustainability movements in the West - this plants benefits for the environment became obvious. Apparently bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide than trees, as well as generating vast amounts of oxygen. Bamboo grows very fast - reaching its full size in just a few months, yet is very strong and durable, which makes it a great material for a variety of products.

By using 100% biodegradable materials such as bamboo and loofah plant, the brand is staying true to their purpose of reducing the waste generated on Earth. As a result of using their products I became more mindful of my consumption as an individual, as well as learned more about the world and bamboo. :)

The last but not the least - since 2020 a lot more people including myself realised the importance of supporting small local businesses as opposed to giant corporations, and this is another value that this article represents.


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