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Colorful butterflies

by Eartha J Adams 3 months ago in short story
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One day, I went to People's Park with my mom and dad to play.

Colorful butterflies
Photo by Florin Tomozei on Unsplash

One day, I went to People's Park with my mom and dad to play.

As soon as we entered the park gate, we saw the flowering chrysanthemum bed. There were red chrysanthemums, white chrysanthemums, yellow chrysanthemums, and purple chrysanthemums ...... The chrysanthemums at the entrance of the park were manually spelled out as "20xx" Arabic numbers and a big torch. A group of people gathered around the flower bed to see, some said: "The red flowers look good." Some said, "The white flowers are beautiful." Others said, "The yellow flowers are beautiful." Some people were confused, so they said, "All of them look good, beautiful, beautiful!"

The chrysanthemums have another attraction: the fragrance is overwhelming. The fragrance not only attracts visitors but also attracts colorful butterflies and lovely bees. They are dancing in the chrysanthemum bed.

Ah, the chrysanthemum bed is so beautiful!


In late autumn, all the flowers are dying, but only the simple and unpretentious autumn chrysanthemums are standing proudly in the cold wind in the park. There are snow white, petals like pine needles as long as the "pine needles snow flower"; golden yellow, petals thick and strong "gold priceless"; blood red, petals shining "haze of light "....... The most precious ones are the light green color "green chrysanthemum" and the black color "ink chrysanthemum", which is said to be the best of chrysanthemums.

The bright chrysanthemum is not only for people to enjoy and beautify the environment but also its tenacious spirit of fighting frost and wind, which inspires us to brave the cold and move forward.

I want to be a chrysanthemum standing up in the cold wind.


Chrysanthemum petals are golden, from a distance, like a sprinkling of gold, silver-plated, golden, beautiful, the petals also have a layer of fluffy fine hair, comfortable and smooth, tender, blooming, like a baby's smile, sweet and pure, people love. It does not have the charm of peonies, nor the beauty of roses, but it is a great contribution to people and has an immeasurable contribution.

One time, I went to my grandmother's house with my brother, father, and mother to play. When my brother fell, his foot hit a rock, and the blood flowed down, my grandmother brought chrysanthemum petals to put on it, and the bleeding stopped!

In addition, Grandma also told us: that chrysanthemum juice can clear heat and detoxify the body, and the petals can also be made into a good tea ......

The chrysanthemum gives so much to people but does not ask for anything in return, it is amazing!


Chrysanthemum is colorful, yellow, white, and blue ...... it's a colorful body, but also emits a burst of rich fragrance. The green receptacle is like ice cream with a red dot on it, beautiful.

The chrysanthemums are diverse, some like golden curls, some like beautiful six-handled umbrellas, and some like a majestic movie theater. There are so many different kinds of chrysanthemums, so many different models.

Chrysanthemums are the heroes of autumn. They stand up despite the cold. While other flowers are dying, they are alive and well.

The chrysanthemum is the autumn color in the poet's pen. It comes to earth quietly with its attractive flower fragrance, its brilliant colors, and its delicate body!

Chrysanthemum, I have countless words to say in praise of you. I'll say it now: I love you, Chrysanthemum! Chrysanthemum, I have countless words to praise you. The chrysanthemum has been regarded as the spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation since it was first introduced. But it has a tenacious spirit that defies the frost, and this tenacious spirit is a good example for us to learn from! Its shape and color are very beautiful, there are pink like haze, white like snow, yellow like gold, and beautiful. It has many colors of stamens, some are light green, some are yellow. Some petals are in full bloom, like a small sun, some budding like a shy little girl afraid to open. I love chrysanthemums. 6, I love chrysanthemums in late autumn, the leaves fall off, the flowers are adjusted to thank, and only our family chrysanthemums, standing against the wind, do frost rage. Look|The chrysanthemums are as white as the first cover of frost. The yellow ones are like the fragrance of the golden valley and the red ones are like the rising sun. A pot of silver "white chrysanthemum" attracted me. It has a long, thin, curved corolla, narrow white petals cascading down; golden stamens, like a jade dish filled with brilliant pearls; its leaves are small, clear veins, with a light glow; its stems are straight and chic. The flower looks like a gentle woman with a smile. Chrysanthemum is not only for people to enjoy, but also can be used to make tea. I like the gorgeous appearance of the chrysanthemum, but also admire its courage to defy the cold! 7, chrysanthemum when the cool autumn breeze will blow the sky higher when the green leaves on the branches are replaced with orange, it is the chrysanthemum fragrance season has come. These chrysanthemums, some full bloom, some half bloom, and some flower bones. Its fragrance is fresh and fragrant, its color is red like fire, yellow like golden gold, purple shiny, white like snow, and green like jasper. Early in the morning, I went to see the chrysanthemums, and there was a drop of dew on the petals, like a pearl, and when a breeze brushed by, the chrysanthemums seemed to dance for me. One day in late autumn, the chrysanthemum was in full bloom. I then looked at other flowers and they all had withered, but only the chrysanthemum was not afraid to fear the cold, it stood firm against the cold wind for us to enjoy. Chrysanthemum, your spirit is worth learning from us.

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