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Can FTL travel through time and space? Perhaps it is possible, but this approach is more reliable

FTL can travel through time and space

By ApostolakisPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Traveling through time and space

Time and space are two of the most essential properties of the universe, but they are equally simple and mysterious to humans. Since Newton's time and space are the focus of scientists' research concerns, and time travel is the ability that people have always dreamed of but could not get. Time travel has always been a regular feature in science fiction films and television works, but in real life is very difficult to achieve.

Is there any speed to light? This question is very simple, the speed of light in a vacuum is about 300,000 kilometers per second, and children who have taken physics classes know the answer. But in fact, there is a process of human awareness of the speed of light. Early human wise men thought that the speed of light is instantaneous, a dark room switch closed the moment the light fills the room.

But then everyone realized that light may have speed, Galileo was the first scientific measurement of the speed of light, and then after generations of scientists, the speed of light measurement is more and more accurate, and with the development of science light is considered an electromagnetic wave, its speed can be obtained by the product of wavelength and frequency.

The time came the beginning of the twentieth century the edifice of classical physics tended to be perfect, but there are still two small dark clouds lingering in everyone's mind, they are the failure of Michael Morley's experiment, which did not measure the Ether predicted by Newton, instead proved that the Ether does not exist. The second is the inconsistency between the results of blackbody radiation and the actual theory. Finally, these two small clouds developed the two pillars of twentieth-century physics, relativity, and quantum mechanics.

Einstein also came out of nowhere with his special theory of relativity, which established that the Ether did not exist and that the speed of light was unsurpassable at its maximum. In Newton time and space were absolute, but here in Einstein time and space became a whole, but also relative.

Special relativity believes that the speed of the object's motion will affect the passage of time, the faster the speed of moving the slower the passage of time, when the object's speed of motion is infinitely close to the speed of light, then time is infinitely close to a standstill. Einstein's special relativity reasoning should end here, but some people think that since time is gradually slowing down as the speed increases, then when the speed of light is exceeded, does time begin to flow backward, so that is to travel through space-time?

There is an essential error here, Einstein's theory that objects with rest mass cannot reach the speed of light, while the speed of transmission of information can not exceed the speed of light, no phenomenon has broken this law over the years. Of course, some people may think of the speed of expansion of the universe, 13.82 billion years of light expansion to the current state of 93 billion light years of observable diameter, which means that the expansion of the universe is super light speed, then it violates Einstein's theory.

Of course not, the nature of the expansion of the universe is the expansion of space, and does not involve objects with rest mass beyond the speed of light. By the same token quantum entanglement is far faster than the speed of light, and even scientists believe it may be instantaneous to complete this process, but the process of quantum entanglement is also non-transmissible information, and therefore does not violate Einstein's theory that the speed of light cannot be exceeded.

But if the flight beyond the speed of light, in a sense or can be traced back to its previous time of light. A friend had raised the question, if the observation technology is sufficient, so early more than 2000 light years away from the planet looking back at the Earth, whether it will be possible to see Qin Shi Huang ascending the throne? This question is theoretically certain. If we fly faster than the speed of light and look back at Earth from a place more than 2,000 light years away, we can look back at the previous time on Earth. This is also in a sense time travel, right?

Time travel is not nebulous and unrealizable, theoretically, it is supported by time travel. For example, Einstein's general theory of relativity predicts wormholes, which is currently the only scientific theory that supports time travel.

After Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity, he used the starting field equation for research, and one of the special solutions predicted the existence of black holes, which have all been confirmed to exist and discovered long ago. Another special solution predicted the existence of wormholes, but it has never been discovered. Einstein's general theory of relativity essentially explains gravity as an external manifestation of the curvature of space-time.

Since it is the bending of space-time, it is difficult to avoid some special circumstances, two points in different time and space because of the bending of space-time connected, if you cross this connection point, it means crossing a different time, to a new place.

In addition to the existence of wormholes, there are theories that there is a hypothetical special object in the universe, which is on the opposite side of a black hole, that is, a white hole. The characteristic of a black hole is that it swallows up all the surrounding matter and energy and only goes in, while the character of a white hole is that it constantly releases matter and energy and only goes out. Then in this model, to ensure the stability of the total mass-energy of the universe, it is likely that the black hole and the white hole in the universe are connected in some special way, through the black hole can eventually be released from the white hole, which is also considered a kind of period and space.

Of course, the only drawback that exists is that the whole go in and may eventually turn into energy and elementary particles and come out again. In any case, the only scientific theory of traveling through space-time is the wormhole, if we find the existence of wormholes, perhaps we can achieve time travel, other methods are unable to achieve time travel.


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