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Beginning of the End

By Mea

By Mea ChoPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 3 min read

No one can hear a scream in the vacuum of space. Or so they say. However, the sound of a scream is just what was heard.

In the middle of a meteor shower, a scream of joy was heard as a child took her first jump into the air to catch one of the falling rocks. Her skin was flaming hot and she had piercing emerald eyes with red curly hair. Storm was her name, having been born in the midst of the meteor shower from two years prior. She bounced around the atmosphere, her eyes glowing with pure happiness as her parents watched, both people with eyes full of love for their joy-filled daughter. She continued to jump up and down, her eyes never leaving the rock she held in her tiny hands, and as a large crater fell onto her, it smashed into a thousand pieces. Storm looked up, unconcerned. Giggling, she grabbed a large piece of rock and threw it full force at her parents. Her father, Chilk, caught it with ease, and her mother, Mira, smiled wider at her husband’s skill.

“Throw one at me, love!” Mira called out, her own flaming hands waving excitedly. Catching a glimpse of another couple and their son doing the same things made a small flame of jealousy rise through her. She squelched it down, as the look on their faces while feeling her own sense of joy was enough to shake that feeling. However, something made her feel like she was being watched. She scanned the area, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. So, she shook that feeling off, too.

She turned back just in time to see Storm chuck a large meteor at her. “CATCH!!” The child giggled, her eyes never leaving her mother. Mira laughed and snatched the rock out of the air with ease, and threw it back, a small game of catch the boulder starting.

The two families soon joined together and began playing the little game together, when a larger than average ice block fell and hit Mira. The ice melted on impact, but the sheer size of the rock is what caused the damage. Mira fell down, blacking out momentarily. Five sets of eyes watched this happen in slow motion, as they are all pretty much invincible to everything. Everything, that is, except ice. But there shouldn’t be any ice around here, they’re in their fiery territory!

Chilk and Troan, the other man, scanned the atmosphere with keen eyes, hoping to find what, or who caused this, while the two children tended to MIra. A dark look replaced the original look of joy on Chilk’s face as he saw what caused the ice attack.

A large, icy blue spacecraft approached and landed nearby, its door opening swifter than anything,and a large army of people with pale blue armor came forward. The woman leading the group stood by while her group of armed warriors surrounded the six people in ice, completely incapacitating them. They round them up, the children too, and take them aboard their ship. It wasn’t an easy process for anyone, as the two men gave it their all to protect their families, but ultimately, they were overpowered. The children, small but clever, withdrew silently behind the ship while the men fought, but they too were caught and thrown into the ship. They struggled, but it was to no use.

By the end of the hour, the six Hornos were captured by the small army of Lluevas. And it was then that begun the story of Storm and Yekaj, the two children of fire.

The beginning of the end.


About the Creator

Mea Cho

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I've been writing since I was around 7 or 8 years old, where I would write down silly little stories on long car rides or help my dad brainstorm ideas for his soon-to-be book.

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