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Beautiful Nature

Nature has decorated our surroundings with the most unique techniques, making us feel the beauty of our hearts all the time.

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Beautiful Nature
Photo by Joel Holland on Unsplash

Nature has decorated our surroundings with the most unique techniques, making us feel the beauty of our hearts all the time.

When the first rays of golden light in the morning scattered like the earth, walking on the sunny path, inadvertently glance, at a flower petal, slipping in the branches, accompanied by a few fallen leaves, fluttering on the ground, the breeze gently blowing, will bring them to that distant sky ......

When we stop in the forest, our ears always ring with the melodious and beautiful sound of birdsong and song. The birds flying in the blue sky, the eagles soaring on the wings. They all express their love for nature in their kindest language, and express their gratitude to nature in their softest songs, thanking nature for giving them life and a beautiful and happy home.

When resting by the quiet pond, I look at the dense bamboo forest in the distance, which is green and lovely, and a quiet path leading to the distance. Listen to the sound of the water flowing under the bridge, flowing cheerfully and calmly, as if in a pleasant whisper with nature, pouring out their thoughts and joys.

In the autumn breeze, the fallen leaves floated to the ground along with the autumn wind. It falls quietly from the fingers that have been with each other for a lifetime. It does not have a single complaint because her whole life is dedicated to human beings. In winter, for the sake of the trees' rest and sustenance, it still sacrifices itself, does not compete with the trees for nutrients, does not add trouble to its mother, falls from the trees and leaves quietly, and returns to the soil where it was nurtured and raised, turns into nutrients, and gives all of itself to the earth again.

When we are in front of the vast and boundless sea, listening to the sea's breathing, feeling the sea's breath, experiencing the sea's uncontested, calm, and deep power and silent beauty. Especially its broad-mindedness, the tolerance of all things. It treats all things in the world fairly.

The grass is so small against the tall and upright trees, and it is even more ordinary against the flowers. In nature, the grass is so insignificant, but when the storm comes, the branches are broken, the petals are scattered, and the trees and flowers become wretched, but only the grass braves the storm, through the difficulties of life, still standing.

DDT, DDT ......" a small drop of water is dripping onto the rocks, a splash of water on the rocks. Day after day, year after year, the drops of water just dripping, at first, the hard rock with its strong body against the drops of water, seems to be so easy, because the drops of water compared to the rock, too small to use units, words to describe it. However, the rock has no patience, and slowly no longer cares about the water drops to it, because the water drops insist, the hard rock also wears a hole, this persistence is not valuable?

The beauty of nature is in every drop of water, every tree, every flower, every grass, and every stone. Feel its faint but strong and beautiful spirit. The beauty of nature is in the seasons, in the replacement of its life. My friend, the beauty of nature requires us to plunge into its wide embrace and appreciate it wholeheartedly. Appreciate the unique beauty inherent in it, appreciate life, and appreciate philosophy. Then we will have a kind heart, a beautiful heart, a pure heart. Then we will be happy to listen to the sound of nature!


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