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Be My Roommate?

by CreativeKee 9 months ago in Sustainability · updated 9 months ago
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My home is your home too...

Be My Roommate?
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What brings you joy? What sustains your peace?

Is it a favorable familiar scent, like that of freshly washed clothing?

Or a perfect kiss of warmth, such as that given off by the rays of the sun?

Could it be children's hearty laughter that echos beyond the earth's boundless end?

What is it, that fills your heart with genuine content?

Maybe it's the way your lover's lips quiver with passion when they utter those special words "I Love You".

It's quite possible that it could be something so simple as perfectly popped popcorn with just the right touch of butter to satisfy your tastebuds.

It's all quite perfect.... don't you think?

Our world is filled with beauty; Even in its imperfections.

In that pile of freshly washed clothes; one colored sock could turn your whites pink, but the smell still delights the same. Would your day be ruined by the color blunder?

The sun's rays are powerful enough to hinder the vision of a thousand men but could keep them warm all the while. But would the impairment of their sight cause them to be distraught?

Children's laughter; strong enough to disrupt any gathering. Yet the resounding happiness shines louder than their smiles. Should their joy now become inaudible?

The "I Love You" is to be sung to every heart and heard by every ear, but does it not still hold true to the one for which it is meant? Or should the expression be reserved for those deemed most deserving?

Out of 50 kernels placed, only 35 popped, and yet that popcorn was said to be the best batch made. Should we not accept the satisfaction of what was produced because we expected more?

There are a million ways for things to go wrong, yet it is up to us to find the joy in all that is right, in our world. Life is ours for the choosing!

SO..... I ask again....WHAT. BRINGS. YOU. JOY?

Is it the way the sun rises and sets without us asking? Or do you just complain about the movement of time?

Does it have to do with the way the Moon watches over you as you sleep? Or do you anger at the sound of howling dogs that sit outside and admire?

Do you find solace in the way the rain has quenched the thirst of the crops in decades past? Or do you stomp the ground at the storm that canceled this week's plans?

Or maybe it's the dedicated duty that our trees hold dearly, supplying our bodies with our first and last breath. Are you disgruntled by the remnants that their limbs leave behind?

I am grateful for my home and the natural joy it brings, as I have known no other that can do such miraculous things.

In a world of inconsistency, the earth provides for us consistently. And yet we curse it like there is another, some other ground that we could cover.

We trash it, pollute it, destroy it, and even fight over it. But to fight over it would mean that we actually want it. But do we show it?

Do you see it? This is my home, yes, but for it, I feel ashamed. Because in 100-years from now, it likely, will not be the same.

Gas emissions, global warming, and ever-growing infrastructure? How could everything sustaining us possibly be sustained by us; if we keep doing what we're doing, to it, and to one another?

Unless you make my home your home too. And we choose to love it just the same. Let's come together, create one family, to make 'Earth' a lasting name. We could carry the loving tradition, for eternity, if we only choose to find the joy in its graceful certainty.

My home is waiting to welcome you, but in turn, it wants to be welcomed by you too!

For the sake of our home, will you change, notice its truth, or will you just remain the same?

Or is the only home we've ever truly known, not deserving of the gestures to be saved by YOU?

Recognize this world as your home.... in it, we will never be alone.

If you have decided that my home is indeed your home too; I will share a few house rules and a friendly challenge with you...

(Everyone wants 'Generational Wealth'... in our home, we strive for 'Generational Health & Sustainability'!)

So each day when you wake, thank the earth and take your place. Pick a thing that you can do. Show our home you care for it, just as it cares for you!

19 Ways to take a step each day to save our home:

  1. Make a Compost
  2. Use Reusable Shopping Bags
  3. Recycle Electronics and Batteries
  4. Plant Trees
  5. Conserve Energy by turning off the lights
  6. Walk, Bike, or Carpool
  7. Pick up Trash
  8. Unplug cords when you aren’t using
  9. Use a Reusable Water Bottle
  10. Recycle
  11. Turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth
  12. Use a drying rack or hang your clothes outside
  13. Focus on taking shorter showers
  14. Go Meatless (all the time would be great but a few times a week works)
  15. Shop Secondhand
  16. Make your own cleaning supplies
  17. Support green business and shop local
  18. Plant a vegetable garden (container gardens work just as good)
  19. Celebrate Earth Day in your community

* List Courtesy of 'Save the earth' *

Thank you for reading!

Love Always,

Your Earth Neighbor


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