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Amazing creatures that live in the deep sea

by Zarinabanu Zarinabanu about a year ago in Nature
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Despite knowledge of deep-sea fish and other organisms, deep-sea creatures are still being explored.

Start writing... Man is now about to touch Mars. The moon is about to touch again. But not much is known about the deep ocean around our planet.Deep-sea astronauts are just as lucky as some astronauts who go into space. Despite knowledge of deep-sea fish and other organisms, deep-sea creatures are still being explored.Vampire Squid.This animal is very attractive. But it is very rare to see this with the naked eye. They survive at a depth of about three thousand meters under the sea. The eye of this animal is amazing. This animal can also look like an umbrella.As well as being able to turn from a different angle and look like another creature. It must have got that name because it looks like a vampire bat. This animal is often found in the tropics and associated deep seas. This is how it looks.Can live at very low oxygen levels without any problems depending on.Pacific Viperfish.This animal is about 1 foot [30 cm] long. It has a mouth that can be opened wide compared to the body. It has very sharp teeth like thorns. This animal lives in the deep sea from two hundred to one thousand five hundred meters. Ordinary divers cannot see these animals. These animals can be seen on special deep sea voyages.Wolffish.Found in normal water, this fish can live up to 600 meters deep. It eats small animals such as small mollusks and shrimp. This wolf is often found on the Scandinavian coast and the Mediterranean Sea. This fish has a large set of front teeth. As a result, this fish looks like an animal with a set of human teeth.Giant Tube Worms.These are a kind of worm-like species that live in large colonies. These worms live in large numbers in the cold, low oxygen and dark environment of the deep sea. They are found in the deep sea from 2000 to 3600 meters.These tube worms often live in deep-sea areas rich in minerals. Because they absorb the mineral by bacteria.If these worm colonies are associated with volcanic eruptions under the sea, they will die without being able to withstand the high temperatures of the volcanic eruption. But it has been found that these re-emerge after recycling.Six-Gill Shark.This shark comes during the day in Vancouver, Canada. But they can go up to 2500 meters at night in search of food. It can grow up to 4.8 meters in length and feed on other sharks, crabs, seals and small sea creatures. These animals are also considered to be living fossil fish. This is because the shape of this fish is similar to the ancient fish found in ancient fossils.Giant Spider Crab.This giant spider crab is the largest arthropod of the genus Arthropods. This crab can live up to a depth of 300 meters. These crabs are mostly found in the Sea of ​​Japan. Large crabs up to 3.7 m in size are found. One of their ovaries is more than 1.5 meters long.It is also known as the spider crab due to its long, thin claws. They are different from ordinary crabs. In some cases the total weight of this animal may be more than 20 kg.Frilled Shark.People once believed that creatures lived only in the upper part of the ocean. But today it is known that many creatures live at depths of several hundred feet below the water level. The majority of these species are diverse fish. We call these deep sea fish. Deep-sea fish come in a variety of colors depending on the depth at which they live.


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