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Although we are in a beautiful place, we are living with worries and pains instead of joy and happiness

be in a blessed position and know it

By Cilva KustesPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Can you remember the last time you felt happy?

It's a simple question, but when you answer it, it seems a bit difficult.

Because we don't know when we have been unhappy all the time.

We don't realize that the world is a good place, and every moment seems to be a bad one.

This is not the problem of any one person.

If this happens to you, there's no need to worry, because it's true for almost everyone.

This preference to actively seek negative feelings is written into our genes and makes us born that way.

Why is this so?

Because for all animals, survival is the basis of everything.

Therefore, to successfully continue to survive, our bodily functions have evolved to the point where we will react instinctively to threats.

As we evolved, we gradually developed to react faster, stronger, and longer to things that threaten our survival or make us feel instinctively annoyed.

This mechanism has greatly increased our probability of survival and has therefore been consolidated from generation to generation.

In terms of survival, it is indeed a powerful weapon.

But after our survival is largely assured, it brings us more trouble.

Because of this preference for negative feelings, we will notice more negative information and events, making us feel more annoyed, uncomfortable, and painful than happy.

Think about when you were a student and when you saw your report card, were you most concerned about the one that got you the best test or the one that got you the worst test?

And when your parents see your results, which one is the most concerned about?

It's usually the worst test, right?

If we have a safe and smooth day for most of the day but get scolded by a customer at work.

Would you be happy that you had a good day most of the time, or would you feel bad about the scolding?

You will certainly hold on to that scolding, and your mood for the day will be overshadowed.

Although that scolding only takes up a small part of our day at best, it can dominate our consciousness and control our emotions so strongly that we are depressed for the whole day.

Similarly, there is the person who is well educated, working in the job he wants to do, earning a decent salary, in good health, and with a happy family.

It looks like he should be happy with his life, but in reality, he is likely to be depressed and even feels inferior because of his height.

This is us.

No matter how many things we already have that are worthy of happiness and joy, as long as there are so few insignificant things that happened, it is enough to cause us a day or even a lifetime of trouble.

This is the genetic power.

We are in a good place, but we live in trouble.

So if we want to be happier in the midst of such a world, we need to learn to self-regulate.

We are unhappy because we keep that little thing that makes us feel uncomfortable and miserable firmly in front of us and notice it all the time.

Inadvertently magnifying its impact.

So we can also do the opposite.

Let us re-notice the existence of other important and beautiful things that we already have, but ignore.

For example, if you always mind your height, then you can try to think about what your life would become if you lost the health you have now.

If you are still depressed about a customer's scolding, you can imagine what your life would be like if you lost the job you have now.

If we always focus on what we have lost or what we don't have, we will live unhappy all day long.

If you were to lose those valuable assets you still have now, would you be willing to do so?

The reason why we feel pain and trouble is that we only see this one thing in front of us.

But if you look further and look at other people, you may understand that compared with some people, compared with those who are more unfortunate, we are very happy.

The customer's blame may seem hard to you now, but if in 3 years and 5 years, you look back on this matter today, what kind of feeling will you have?

If you are willing to think about it, you will find that the annoying things this day or a lifetime are always a few.

Since it has already happened, we do not need to let it continue to occupy our time and consume our energy.

We need to be good at finding those precious and happiness around us that we still have.

Just because we are still alive, we cannot ignore the importance of air.

We can't forget the cruelty of war just because we are in peace.

We can't ignore the preciousness of time just because of the little things we have now.

Truly wise people never wait until they have lost before they regret it.

No matter what time it is, if you want to make yourself more joyful, please pay attention to those things you already have.

Only by being good at observing the peace and beauty around us can we be amid blessings and know them.


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