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A monkey with a face full of beards at the zoo

Monkeys in zoos with "faces"

By ApostolakisPublished 12 months ago 5 min read

Recently, a very interesting thing happened: Ms. Yang in Zhejiang province when wandering around the zoo, accidentally found a monkey with a "Chinese character face", from the picture we can see that the monkey's face is like a square "Chinese character face".

The monkey's face is like a squared-off "Chinese character face". Ms. Yang quickly uploaded this picture to the network, which instantly aroused widespread concern, many people think this is a zoo to attract traffic, deliberately looking for people pretending to be, but then the official response was that this is a real monkey, there are no fake and false problems.

This time we are confused, why a good monkey will have a Chinese face? And he looks too much like a human.

For this matter, many citizens said, people's biggest worry comes.

What are people worried about?

Every kind of creature on earth has its evolutionary direction and evolutionary history. Humans have evolved step by step from ancient apes and monkeys to modern Homo sapiens, during which they have experienced countless difficulties and setbacks.

Faced with powerful enemies, such as beasts, humans relied only on their clever brains and a pair of dexterous hands to overcome their massive opponents, thus unifying the earth and becoming the king at the top of the food chain.

After ruling the earth, humans began to enter a phase of rapid human development and now have created a developed technological civilization.

In ancient times, the king of a country would spend his days worrying about whether his world would be taken away by others, and humans became the hegemony of the earth, also have this concern: will a powerful alien species or native species suddenly appear, which in turn will pose a danger to their position, so that they lose their hegemony status down to food or slaves.

Type 1: Other alien species can come to threaten human civilization, such as aliens.

The exploration of aliens has been hundreds of years, although it has not found any trace of aliens, but does not exclude the possibility of their existence, if, as the scientist Stephen Hawking said, aliens are a brutal and very high degree of technology, if they find the human race, then it is not a blessing for mankind, perhaps after they descend to Earth, humans will no longer be the ruler of the Earth.

Type 2: The local species has evolved to reach the ability to compete with humans.

Although at present will find any kind of object will be able to evolve intelligence or be able to reach the point of resistance with human beings. I believe most people have seen the movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", in which the movie tells how chimpanzees can compete with humans step by step.

But if this happens in real life, I think most people will be able to accept it, because there have been many reports of monkeys becoming more and more human-like. This is why we can't help but ask the question, is it true that apes are evolving into humans step by step?

As early as four years ago, it was discovered that a Panamanian monkey seemed to have entered the Neolithic era. The so-called Neolithic era is when creatures can use stone tools for a productive life. For example, making stones into weapons and using them to build houses or to fight against enemies.

This Panamanian monkey was found raising a stone to smash into a hard fruit and then peeling off the shell of the fruit to taste the fruit inside. In the past, this phenomenon would have shocked many people.

But now look at these behaviors seem to feel understood, especially with humans living for a long time monkeys, their IQ will get a huge boost, scientists have done a lot of similar experiments, such as human children and orangutans living together, and then observe the behavior of the orangutan changes.

The results found that the orangutan really will be treated as a human, and learned the basic skills and abilities of human life, which also shows that chimpanzees, apes, and monkeys are the potential to evolve into humans or have the potential human intelligence.

What about the "face" monkeys? What does it mean?

The scientific name of this "face" monkey is a black-capped hanging monkey, which is an omnivorous species, mainly living in the tropical forest at an altitude of 2700 meters.

The monkey's biggest feature is that its face is square, and the two sides of its head and the top of its head will have a lot of black hair so that it looks like it's wearing a black hat and then has a beard. And this shape makes him look like a human, of course, this is not the zoo staff deliberately, but the black cap hanging monkey itself looks strange, and in the process of evolution, any shape is understandable.

The "face" monkeys have a certain sense of crisis, but this sense of crisis for humans may be optional, if they have evolved the power to threaten humans or have the potential to do so, I think humans will extinguish this possibility before it sprouts.

No matter how far they will eventually evolve, it just goes to show that the evolution of living things is a continuous process, the "face" monkey is so, and so is the human race, the ultimate goal of human evolution, and what will be the end of it? This may be the question we will pursue for the rest of our lives.


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