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The earth is heated by the sun

By Karen GillanahPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Living on Earth, we can feel a lot of things every day, and the most direct of them is the air temperature, four seasons a year spring, summer, autumn, and winter, 24 hours a day in the morning, midday, and evening, every moment the temperature is changing, and more often than not, there will be some extreme weather.

For example, if the temperature suddenly becomes particularly high or low, and each of us can first time to perceive and say exactly what caused the Earth's temperature changes, there are many reasons, one of the most intuitive of course, is the sun above our heads.

It is one of the basic conditions for the survival of life on earth, without it there is no us, because with the heat provided by the sun, plus the protection of the earth's atmosphere, so we live in a space to maintain a relatively stable and comfortable temperature environment.

Absolute zero

But once you leave the Earth's atmosphere and enter the cosmic space, the situation will be completely different, in our imagination, although the cosmic space may have certain differences from the Earth.

But because there is almost no material existence here except for the celestial bodies, so we would think that may be a very ordinary state, at least in terms of temperature may not be much different from the Earth.

After all, the sun is the center of the solar system, and the volume itself is still very large, so the surrounding space will certainly be affected by the heat it releases, but is this the case?

The results of scientific research show that the temperature in the cosmic space and the Earth is not a little bit different, we know that the sun's surface temperature has been able to reach more than 6000 degrees Celsius, but the space around it is in the extremely low temperature, more accurately close to absolute zero, which is how it is?

First of all, to explain what is called absolute zero, zero we all know is when the temperature drops to a degree, the Earth's water will begin to freeze, generally to winter will appear at such temperatures.

At that time, the vast majority of plants in nature will stop growing or enter a withering state, and most animals will also choose to hibernate, to be able to spend the winter safely, so what is absolute zero?

This is a professional concept in physics, the meaning is the lowest temperature in the current space, and theoretical calculation results in minus 273.15 ℃.

For us humans, when the ambient temperature enters below zero degrees, our body will open the defense mode, generally speaking, the most can withstand is minus 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, which is already a very very terrible low temperature, but the so-called absolute zero has reached minus more than two hundred degrees Celsius.

If you want humans to survive in such an environment, it is completely impossible, so this so-called minimum temperature of the universe in the end how to form it? To understand the reason for his appearance, we must first review the concept of temperature.

Minimum temperature

Learning secondary school physics friends should remember that the temperature is generated, essentially because of the rapid movement of material molecules, theoretically, the faster the molecules move, the higher the heat it generates, and the greater the temperature value we eventually detect.

The slower the molecule moves, the lower the heat it generates, and the smaller the temperature we eventually detect.

According to this rule, if we want to know the highest and lowest temperatures in the universe, we only need to do one thing, and that is to determine the fastest and slowest moving matter in the universe and get their speed values so that we can use a specific calculation method to get the results.

From the current research, the fastest moving matter should be light, but of course, some of the latest research has also made some discoveries, that there are also faster than the speed of light in the universe, so the highest temperature of the universe we are currently inconclusive.

But to know the minimum temperature is very simple because the speed of motion of matter does not have a negative number, when an object is at a state of complete rest, it has achieved the lowest speed of motion, that is, zero, in this case, we can quickly calculate the theoretical minimum temperature of the universe.

Of course, it is very difficult to find this number in cosmic space, you may feel very strange, and to find a stationary state of the object is not very simple.

Not to mention the cosmic space, that is, we can see everywhere around us, but it is clear that these so-called stationary objects are not in a state of extremely low temperature as described here, why is this?

The reason is very simple, they are not at all stationary, I believe we should all remember the contents of the physics class, in the universe, there are no absolute stationary objects, we can say that an object is absolutely in motion, but can not say that he is stationary.

We can say that an object is absolutely in motion, but we cannot say that it is stationary. We should know that the universe itself is always expanding, and since the whole system is in motion, we cannot be stationary in the system, but there is a difference in the degree of relative stationery.

For example, in cosmic space, where there is little matter and the degree of motion is minimal, very low temperatures can be detected in some places, but no matter how low, there is still a certain gap from the theoretical minimum temperature we are talking about.

In contrast, the earth does create a very suitable space for humans and other life, in most cases, we are feeling very comfortable, this is because of the sun, but also the earth itself a variety of protective mechanisms, if not these protective mechanisms, I am afraid we will also enter the state of near absolute zero.


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