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5 UK Food Gardeners To Watch

When You Need to Learn Fast

By A Very English Prepper Published 12 months ago 3 min read
5 UK Food Gardeners To Watch
Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash

I can only imagine how jealous my ancestors would have been at the wealth of information we now have with the internet. While books are a vital resource I think everyone should have (especially since the likely-hood of cyber attacks are more and more common) being able to watch a specialised video about how to grow potatoes, tomatoes or rainbow chard is a massive time saver. So many of us are visual learners. I certainly am! While I am a huge reader, nothing makes information "click" faster in my brain than seeing it. So with that in mind, today I wanted to recommend five UK You Tube channels on gardening to help speed up the learning curve to food self sufficiency. All of the following suggestions are linked, so just click on the name, sit back and enjoy soaking in the wealth of information.

1: Liz Zorab

Because of a sudden illness, Liz turned to gardening to create food security for herself and her partner. I think this gives Liz a uniquely similar start to many of us right now. While we may not be starting from a point of failing heath, the world around us is failing, and many of us are turning to gardening with a very desperate sense of urgency. Liz's videos are to-the-point, easy to follow and filled with optimism which is vital for encouraging starter gardeners.

2. Hue Richards

Beautifully shot, full of information and constantly sharing small films about gardeners all across the UK, this channel is fantastic! My favourite thing about it is just how many food gardens you get to see, from the harsher environment of the Scottish Highlands, to the temperate climate of Wales. Every video beautiful, to-the-point and full of ideas you can apply to your own garden.

3. Charles Dowding

A pioneer of the no-dig moment, this method of gardening is essential to master for healthy soil, our own health, and to be able to garden without having to spend our fast devaluing cash on fertilisers and pesticides. His videos are easy to follow and inspirational. If I could steal someone's garden and get away with it, it would be his garden of Home Aces.

(I'm only kidding ... kinda.)

4. Grow Veg

I'm always recommending this channel for it's fantastic video guides on growing various vegetables. If there is something you want to grow - let's say it's beans, or rainbow chard) then this channel has individual videos which are to the point, well filmed and so easy to follow.

5. Simplify Gardening

Another good channel. Allotment gardeners will find this channel especially suited to them.

So there you have it, a list of channels to help and encourage you. I will also be writing a few different articles on books that important to have too, but more about that another day.


If you like my series of articles on resilience training you can follow me for more daily articles, or leave me a tip and request a particular topic be covered. As detailed in my first post, I unfortunately have a lot of experience with resilience training, and in these strange times it's a skill I'm hoping to share with as many people as possible.

This series is mostly written in the order it should be approached, specifically for UK readers. You don't need to panic, you don't need a massive budget and you can protect yourself more and more by taking small steps to improve each day. Not sure were to start? Start with my oldest article first and then work your way through them. I'll have a new article for you soon.


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