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11 Eco-Friendly Charities for Environmental Protection & Wildlife Conservation

If you are looking for eco-friendly charities to support, it can be hard to figure out where to begin. These 11 are a great place to start.

By Untamed PhotographerPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - September 2021

If you are looking for eco-friendly charities to support, it can be hard to figure out where to begin. Especially if you are asking yourself, “What does eco-friendly mean?” and “What is the goal of wildlife conservation?” The simple answer is eco-friendly means good for the environment and the purpose of wildlife conservation is to protect animals from extinction. However, this article aims to tell you more, by highlighting 11 eco-friendly charities you should support:

1. Nature Trust of The Americas (NTOTA)

2. Project Coyote

3. Path of the Panther

4. Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society

5. Rainforest Conservation Foundation

6. Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD)

7. Onçafari

8. The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic

9. Field School

10. Nakawe Project

11. MarAlliance

These charities are leaders in global wildlife conservation. They are also connected to Untamed Photographer, whose limited-edition wildlife prints make great environmentally conscious gifts, as all of their profit goes straight to these 11 charities.

Read on to find out more about how to support these eco-friendly brands:

U.S. Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation Charities To Support:

Here are three of the best environmental protection and wildlife conservation charities to support in your backyard:

1. Nature Trust of The Americas (NTOTA):

The Nature Trust of The Americas (NTOTA) is a wildlife conservation network, which increases the reach of several global wildlife conservation charities, including MarAlliance and Field School. You can contribute to NTOTA directly or support them by buying prints such as Arati Kumar-Rao’s “Plains of the Brahmaputra” or Melissa Groo’s “Hidden Treasure” from Untamed Photographer.

2. Project Coyote:

Project Coyote is a wildlife conservation non-profit that provides essential education about the threats faced by American carnivores like wolves and coyotes. These species are often seen as dangerous and are at risk from hunting, culling, and sanctioned wildlife killing contests. Support Project Coyote by donating or buying a print such as Melissa Groo’s “Bobcat Love” from Untamed Photographer.

3. Path of the Panther:

Path of the Panther was set up to advocate for the last big cat in the United States. Habitat loss has threatened the Florida Panther with extinction, and Path of the Panther raises awareness about the need for a Florida wildlife corridor so the Florida Panther can survive. Help Path of the Panther through a donation or through purchasing a print like Chris Fallows’s “Warrior” from Untamed Photographer.

Canadian Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation Charities To Support:

It's crucial to also contribute to international wildlife conservation. There are plenty of environmental protection and wildlife conservation organizations worth supporting right over the border in Canada:

4. Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society:

Indigenous people and their cultural practices are vital to saving the environment and helping wildlife. A tremendous indigenous-led organization to donate to is the Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society. The Society works to protect animals in the Great Bear Rainforest through traditional Heiltsuk cultural practices. You can donate now to Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society or support them by buying a print from April Bencze at Untamed Photographer—such as “The Dawn Howl.

5. Raincoast Conservation Foundation:

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation is a team of environmental protection specialists who work in coastal British Columbia, advocating for wildlife conservation in marine and coastal ecosystems and the forests of British Columbia. You can support them by donating or by buying a photo such as Colleen Gara’s “Coastal Wolf” from Untamed Photographer.

Central American Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation Charities To Support:

Central America is a wonder of biodiversity, so you should consider helping these environmental protection and wildlife conservation charities whose work focuses on conservation in Belize:

6. Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD):

Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) help protect the Chiquibul forest, Belize's largest protected area known for its biodiversity and numerous rare and endangered species. FCD provides protection, education, anti-poaching enforcement and is involved in research and drafting environmental protection laws. You can donate to FCD directly or by buying a print like Tony Rath’s “Macaws in Flight” from Untamed Photographer

7. Onçafari:

Onçafari supports wildlife such as jaguars and pumas from overhunting through ecotourism, thus providing jobs for many local people. Onçafari also works in conservation education, tracking, monitoring, and reintroducing animals to the wild. Support Onçafari directly by donating now or by purchasing a print from Untamed Photographer like Filipe DeAndrade’s “Respect.

8. The Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic:

The Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic provides education and veterinary services relating to wildlife protection (such as helping animals involved that are rescued from poachers) and running a veterinary clinic. The clinic helps the people of Belize protect their native wildlife. You can donate directly to the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic or purchase a print such as Brian Moghari’s “A New Beginning” from Untamed Photographer.

Marine Environmental Projection and Wildlife Conservation Charities To Support:

The sea belongs to us all, so it's vital to help global wildlife conservation efforts that focus on marine conservation.

9. Field School:

Field School is a marine research organization specializing in sharks that offers courses on marine fieldwork for students and the public to improve knowledge around marine ecosystems. There are several ways you can support Field School—by donating to their non-profit arm, taking one of their courses, or chartering them (all excellent eco-friendly gifts). Or you could support them by purchasing an Untamed Photographer print like Brian Moghari’s “Sonic Sea” or “Misunderstood Predators.

10. Nakawe Project:

Nakawe Project advocates for creatures like sharks and marlins and the protection of their aqueous habitats, like mangroves. Nakawe Project supports cleaning up the marine environment and fights unsustainable fishing practices. Help Nakawe project by donating directly to them or purchasing a print such as Chris Fallows’s “Shades and Elements” from Untamed Photographer.

11. MarAlliance:

MarAlliance is a global wildlife conservation organization that researches marine animals such as sharks, whales, and rays and provides education to prevent overfishing. Support MarAlliance through a donation or Untamed Photographer by buying a print like Brian Mohari’s “Just the Two of Us” or “Majestic Manta.

Where Can I Buy Eco-friendly Gifts?

One of the best eco-friendly brands and eco-friendly companies for environmentally conscious gifts is an exclusive print from Untamed Photographer. Untamed Photographer is a curated online art gallery of limited-edition prints from wildlife photographers passionate about environmental issues and the animals they photograph. 100% of gallery proceeds go to the wildlife conservation and ecological charities mentioned above, so you know you're supporting a worthy cause.


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