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White Wolf Power


By Fann YTPublished 26 days ago 1 min read

-One day the entire wolf army came to Monotago village. That day Dwi Putea asked why you came? This village! We will go to the forest in Monotago village, we will look for the vicious forest, and the wolf will continue its journey. And watch out for the bear .

- arrived at the monotago forest......, and there was a split in the road, two right, two left, two straight and the remaining white wolf, when he wanted to walk in a straight direction, he was surrounded by forest bears and Dewi Putra knew that, and the other wolves were good. The bear is hiding in the trees and following all the wolves and feeling the strongest or proudest of the wolves.

- The wolf was thrown onto the rock and hit hard and the white wolf was shocked and immediately attacked the bear. The wolf shouted and connected with each other. The wolf army attacked the other bears and also attacked and a battle broke out and the white wolf became a giant and the other wolves fell silent looking at the white wolf. it throws the spaces towards the rock and is left with one very strong bear.

- and said the white wolf. You won't be able to. Even at this age. Without you, I can throw stones. The white wolf can't enter. Prove who will win. The white wolf went berserk and threw lightning at the tree. Colored, not wanting to lose, he threw the tree to pieces and the white wolf immediately scattered the bear. The bear became burnt and had no strength.

- said Dewi Budeg, open the brackets, good work, the wolf, close the brackets, then get lucky on the moon, go to one of the ravines and the village of monotau or debt, there are no animals that make the village become original. The village is now safe forever.



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