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Who is stronger Messi or Ronaldo?

by Derasom 2 months ago in football
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This is a tough choice.

In the era of Pele and Maradona, because there is no world number two who can compete with them, he is the undisputed king of the world. But in Messi's era, Ronaldo forcibly seized half of the position, making Messi unable to monopolize the throne. That's probably how it is in this era.

I always think that Messi is slightly better.

Ronaldo played as a midfielder and a winger in his early years, and then he turned into a shooter, so his scoring efficiency in the early stage and in the middle and late stages is very different. And Messi, I think he was already planning a transition when he set the annual record of 91 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo's position is getting closer and closer to the goal, while Messi's position is first close to the goal (the winger turns to a false 9), and then slowly away from the goal (the false 9 turns back to the winger and No. 9 and a half and No. 10). In Paris, Messi scored few goals because he gave up space in the penalty area to Mbappe. Some fans said that he only scored 4 goals with 80 shots. That is because most of them are long shots. 10 shots from the post, are they all mid-to-long distance? And his goal to break the Ligue 1 goal drought is also a long shot. In a game before Mbappe was away, Messi increased the frequency of inserting into the penalty area and scored two goals immediately. If Messi can do 5-foot-1 when most of his shots are from outside the box, then he's a god. And only 20 shots from outside the penalty area are scored 1, which is in line with the performance of normal stars. I saw a fan friend listed the data before, saying that about 15 shots from outside the penalty area can be considered as a long-range master. Messi's performance wasn't great, but it wasn't that bad either. I remember Ronaldo was very fond of long-range shots when he played as a winger in the early days, and he only scored 1 goal with a dozen feet. Later, he got closer and closer to the goal, and only reached the efficiency of 4 shots and 1 goal.

It is common sense that the farther the distance is, the more difficult it is to score. Messi also scored a lot of half-empty goals in the year of 91 goals. He was in very good shape at the beginning, and then his teammates behind him served as a foil for him and helped him create a record. The number rose to 91. After that, Messi never had more than 60 goals in a natural year. This does not mean that Messi has declined, but that he has begun to gradually move away from the goal. One of the things that happened in the 11/12 season that had a great impact on Messi was being eliminated by Chelsea. He kicked a penalty kick himself, and the team played one more player in the second half but couldn't score. The following season he ushered in an even bigger blow, when the team was beaten 7-0 by Bayern Munich in two rounds. Xavi was born in 1979, he was 33 years old in 2012, and Iniesta was 28 years old. After that, the team has to accept the fact that the ability of the moving wall to move slowly declines. In the season when MSN was formed, in fact, Barcelona's midfielder could no longer achieve the control of the Dream III period, because the veterans were always getting old. After Puyol got old, the defensive hardness dropped directly by a grade. After Xavi got old , the control dropped a notch. The credit for the 2014/15 season is basically all on MSN. With these 3 players in the frontcourt, the opponent did not dare to send too many people to attack. The technical defenders like Busquets and Pique are good at controlling the ball and playing the ball in attack. Under the premise of being fierce enough, the team can reach a high ceiling. But in fact, in a cup game in the 14/15 season, Barcelona should wake up their spirits. They lost 0-4 to Athletic Bielbach and failed to achieve six championship achievements. In the following season, they lost 4-0 to Paris as a guest. Both of these defeats actually showed a very serious problem - your defensive hardness is insufficient. Paris' lineup itself is not weak, and Bilbach Athletic basically uses strength to offset the technical gap. Both games show that if Barcelona does not solve the defensive problem, it is difficult to guarantee that they can avoid losing by a big score, and losing a big score is very fatal in the Champions League. It's hard. After all, the 6-1 game was still a little controversial. After they met Juventus, they also lost 3-0 first, but then they couldn't catch up and stopped in the quarter-finals. In the next three years, they were reversed by Atlético de Madrid, Roma, and Liverpool respectively. These are all problems of defense. I wonder why Barcelona is so obsessed with Dembele and Coutinho. They are holding the 200 million banknotes to dig Several powerful defenders are better than mindless forwards. The most absurd thing is the idea of ​​buying Coutinho to replace Iniesta. His position basically overlaps with Messi, so he can't replace Xiaobai. The candidate, the result is good now, Dembele has become a problem child, and Coutinho's worth is like a washed cotton candy. It is said that Liverpool exchanged the money from selling Coutinho for Van Dijk and Alisson, directly in exchange for a Champions League and a Premier League, but why did Barcelona not directly buy Van Dijk in the first place, their goalkeeper is not Kaliu Well, they don't need Alisson, one Van Dijk will solve all the problems. Buyers from big giants tend to be prone to a problem: blindly chasing fame to buy, ignoring the players' competitive strength. Barcelona is taking a worse path than Beckham + Pavin. Real Madrid suffered losses in this way. Casemiro grew up in Real Madrid, consolidated Real Madrid's defense, and directly brought Real Madrid 3 Champions Leagues. Cristiano Ronaldo's goal is of course the first one, but why didn't Cristiano Ronaldo bring three consecutive games at the stage of his peak 27-30 years old? I think the problem of the midfield and backcourt cannot be ignored. Just like Makelele of the year, Real Madrid without Makelele gradually transformed into 16 Lang, and Chelsea with Makelele took off to dominate the Premier League.

Players who are farther away from the core position eat more of the system. For example, De Gea also eats the system. The defensive teammates of Manchester United broke his mentality. One of his rich goalkeepers made as many saves as the relegation team goalkeepers. It's a pit dug for his own goalkeeper. And the forwards who are at the top of the front line also eat the system, the midfield and the backcourt can't organize the attack, the ball can't be sent to your side, and you may not even have a shot in a game. Cristiano Ronaldo has played many Premier League games this season. As many games as he scored more than 2 goals, he has failed to score. At that time, it was impossible for you to let him go to heaven because his teammates could not create opportunities. If there is no door, no threat can be created, so there is a saying that "Cristiano Ronaldo scourges Manchester United", but in fact the "scourge" is because everyone's cooperation is not effective, and everyone has something that can't be done well, so the team plays very well. difficulty.

Messi's eating system is at the peak of Xavi and Iniesta. Xavi and Iniesta are like a top support, and Messi can do the most damage with such a top support by his side. But when this support system slowly weakens, the shooter will also shrink against the opponent. Later, Messi's passing skills improved by leaps and bounds. It was because Barcelona and Argentina had this demand, and his teammates could not support him. Messi couldn't get the ball at No. 9, and naturally he couldn't score goals and assists. So Messi naturally transformed. After Suarez came, he gave up the middle to Suarez and ran back to the right wing. Later, he began to retreat deeper and deeper, and began to play various long-distance straight plugs. Open Messi's data book, you can find that his assist data is very terrifying. His ability to tear apart the defense is no different from that of a top midfielder. Dembele and Alba's single-handed loss will only add to Messi's sadness. It doesn't mean he is incompetent. This is also the crux of Messi's later period. He no longer bears the responsibility of scorer alone. He is unable to control the ability of his teammates to seize opportunities, so it seems as if he is not good and the team is out.

Football is a team sport, and when you complain about the incompetence of your teammates, it means that every position on the team is important. The squad of a football club can be built freely. Money can’t make you a champion immediately, but sooner or later it can make you a champion. Chelsea has already succeeded, and Manchester City is not far from success. Neither Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo can lead the team to the championship by themselves. When Cristiano Ronaldo won the European Cup, he had to wait for the golden generation to rise, and he couldn't control the fate of the final by himself. Fortunately, his teammates worked hard. His national team championship dream. Messi is also, the first battle against Colombia was very dangerous. In the final, Di Maria's goal and the team's defense were very important. The previous two finals lost to Chile were because of San Martin, who could make a punt, and the World Cup could eliminate the Netherlands. To reach the final, I also want to thank the little brother for paying the price of anal fissure to prevent Robben's must-goal and Romero's throwing point.

I want to explain the above words: Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two best players in active service, but their glory is inseparable from the help of their teammates. Now football is playing more and more integrally, and it is no longer possible to rely on oneself. The age of power.

Therefore, data, team honor, these are not particularly convincing. Just as everyone thinks that Benzema's Ballon d'Or is well-received this year, Benzema won the Ballon d'Or not because of his outstanding personal data, but because everyone can see that he played the best this year. Lewandowski is better than stats, but no one thinks Lewandowski is better than Benzema. Even if Real Madrid loses to Liverpool in the Champions League final this year, Benzema will not be able to win the Golden Ball, and Salah will not be able to steal even a hat-trick, because Salah has been in the doldrums for a long time before, and his performance during this period is enough. Let him and Benzema open the gap.

I think the reason why Messi is stronger is also very simple, because Messi's position is closer to the core of the attack. Although he can't score goals by himself to control the fate of the team, he has an endless stream of energy to send opportunities to his teammates. In other words, he plays well. more and more versatile. If he had the consciousness to play the 40-meter through ball back then, Argentina would have won the championship long ago, but not if. One of the things I dislike about Messi fans is that they imagine Messi as a perfect person without thinking, Messi can't play the result they imagined, and they will be furious when they can't show off in front of their sworn enemy fans. When Barcelona led Liverpool 3-0 that year, some Barcelona fans were too arrogant, and they were returned with profit a week later. For the many negative comments that Mero has received so far, their fans are absolutely 99.99% responsible.


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