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Top 7 richest celebrities

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They are our loved ones to detest… they sport the most recent designer stuff and lead the rich way of life: Staggering out of clubs consistently and shopping during the day - goodness, these are the stuff that fantasies are made of! The most affluent vocalists, rappers, entertainers and models are presumably present on our Main 10 Most extravagant VIPs list. So whether you love the ground they stroll on or totally despise them, you can't resist the urge to have a fast peep at their income!

George Lucas-

is a director, essayist, maker and money manager who has a total assets of $10 billion. He is most popular for making the Star Wars and Indiana Jones establishments which have created north of $12 billion in worldwide film industry ticket deals. He is likewise the pioneer behind the creation organization, Lucasfilm, and the specialized impacts organization, Modern Light and magic.

George Lucas' $10 billion total assets makes him by a wide margin the most extravagant superstar on the planet, the most extravagant chief and by and large the most extravagant individual in media outlets.

Steven Spielberg-

is an American director, screenwriter and maker who has a total assets of $8 billion and yearly pay of $150 million. As of this composition, Steven's $8 billion fortune makes him the second most extravagant VIP on earth, behind great mate and individual chief/maker, George Lucas (who is valued at $10 billion).

Steven Spielberg's ascent to filmmaking acclaim has been very much chronicled. He started making short movies when he was eleven, utilizing his dad's camcorder to procure his Scout photography merit identification. He shot his most memorable free element when he was sixteen, and afterward chose to zero in on going to film school

Kanye West-

is an American producer, rapper, style creator, and business person. As of this composition, Kanye West's total assets is $1 billion. Kanye West is one of the three most extravagant independent individuals of color in US history.

kanye acquired boundless wealth and fame upon the arrival of his 2004 collection The School Dropout. Today he is perhaps of the best and granted performer on earth with 21 Grammy wins out of 69 selections. Lately he has turned away from music towards the business world, procuring somewhere around $100 million every year from his different undertakings. By far most of his income have come from eminences and other profit connected with his Yeezy image and Adidas association.

Oprah Winfrey-

is an American news magnate, TV host, and creator. Oprah's total assets is $3.5 billion. Today she procures around $315 million every year on account of her exceptionally rewarding broadened media realm.

Oprah Winfrey rose from neediness, misuse, and bias to become perhaps of the most powerful individual on earth. She was conceived Orpah Gail Winfrey on January 29, 1954.

That was not an incorrect spelling. Her given name was "Orpah," a reference to the scriptural figure in the Book of Ruth. As a child individuals routinely misspoke the name as "Oprah" which at last stuck. She was brought into the world in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Her mom, Vernita Lee, was an unmarried adolescent housemaid. Her organic dad, Vernon Winfrey, was in the Military at the hour of Oprah's introduction to the world. He in the end functioned as a hairdresser, coal digger, and city councilman. It has been reputed that her organic dad could have been another man named Noah Robinson

Jami Gertz-

is an American entertainer, sports group proprietor and humanitarian who has a total assets of $3 billion. However she has had an effective vocation all alone, by far most of Jami Gertz's total assets is gotten from her union with LA based tycoon Tony Ressler. Ressler is the prime supporter of Ares The executives which has more than $136 billion worth of resources under administration as of this composition. Jami and Tony are part-proprietors of the Atlanta Birds of prey NBA group. They likewise own a minority stake in the Milwaukee Brewers and were once in the rushing to be larger part proprietors of the Dodgers.


is a Barbados-conceived vocalist, lyricist, entertainer and business visionary who has a total assets of $1.7 billion. That total assets makes Rihanna the most extravagant female artist on the planet. Rihanna is one of the most famous and financially effective music specialists in this present reality. An enormous piece of her total assets is owing to the worth of her Fenty Magnificence Line which is an organization with extravagance products organization LVMH. The brand creates north of $100 million in income. Rihanna allegedly possesses half of the organization and the brand is valued at $2-3 billion. She likewise possesses 30% of an undergarments brand called Savage X Fenty which is at present worth around $1 billion.

Kim Kardashian-

is an American unscripted tv star, model, business visionary and representative who has a total assets of $1.4 billion. Kim Kardashian is quite possibly of the most-renowned and most extravagant big name on earth. In a given year, Kim procures $50 - 80 million between her different undertakings and developing realm.

Between June 2018 and June 2019, Kim procured $72 million from her different undertakings and afterward between June 2019 and June 2020 she acquired $50 million. For a period, a huge part of Kim's yearly profit came thanks permitting and support bargains. For instance, she procured a little fortune from sovereignties produced by the portable game "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood". The game was ultimately downloaded in excess of 60 million times and created $200 million in income. Kim keeps 28% of the cash created by the application right up to the present day. Beyond the portable application, Kim's yearly profit come from supports, appearance charges, unscripted television pay and paid Instagram sponsorships. She likewise has a line of tanning items and a dress line at Singes.

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