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Top 100 superstar selection, Lionel Mess ranked first!

What charisma exudes from Mess

By Fei Ye LanPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Among the media in the world of football, the British soccer magazine "442" has a long-standing reputation, and recently, it selected the "Top 100 Superstars of All Time" list.

Among them, the current Lionel Messi overpowered compatriot Maradona ranked first, and C Lou is in third place. The Gallon d'Or King Pele is in fourth place, followed by Zinedine Zidane, Scruffy, Best, Rickenbacker, Puss, and Rolando in 5th to 10th place.

For this list of the top 100 superstars, of course, will be benevolent, and wisdom, for example, the ball king Pele ranked in fourth place, certainly controversial; and will be placed after Pushkin, only listed in the tenth, will also be very controversial.

However, it must be said that this famous British magazine can rank the two Argentine stars in the top two of the all-time list, which still shows its mind and fairness, and has strong persuasive power.

Although "there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's hearts", Mess has been regarded as the Gallon d'Or more than once - for example, when FIFE celebrated Mess's 34th birthday, it used the word "Gallon d'Or" directly. "This is enough to show the high status of Mess's history.

Some people may say that Pele's three World Cup titles are the height that Mess will always look up to but cannot reach - true, but the environment, conditions, team strength, the overall development of soccer in the early stages of development, it is clear that Pele's era, but also can not be compared with today's era of professional soccer so mature, which actually shows that The difficulty of success in contemporary soccer is undeniably much stronger than in Pele's time! If Pele had been born in the present, would he still be able to achieve those honors? Or rather: would Pele have achieved what Mess did?

But in any case, it is not very scientific to simply compare or rank them, but only to evaluate the historical status of these superstars in relative terms - so, let's put aside these abstract evaluations and take a look at the wonderful commentary of "442" on Mess, who is ranked first in history.

"History books will salute Mess, but their limitations will still hurt him."

"In another 20 years, young fans will read about a messianic figure whose illustrious career shocked the world, broke a string of records, and ushered in an era of dominance ...... but it won't be until the youngsters of the future watch the footage that they will know exactly what they missed ".

"The sheer number of Messiah's goals, on the other hand, pales in comparison to their beauty - his goals this month don't even make it into the top 20 of his best goals: whether it's a long run, a free kick with a wonderful arc, a rather tricky hanging break, a golf-style putter into the net, or a thunderous long-range shot to the swan ......".

"Today, most people know Mess's story: the expensive treatment for growth hormone deficiency that brought him from his hometown of Rosario to Barcelona, before his Bar ca debut in 2004 launched an era of the glory of his own. Mess has been voted in the world's top three for 10 consecutive years, ranking in the top two in nine of those years."

"It's one thing to reach the top, but it's another thing to always stay there. Some fans are in their 20s, but what they never know is this: every week, Mess fascinates those of us who are there".

"Only through constant evolution will Mess be able to maintain his level. The nimble, leaping disc player has become a mature player who can now control the game while still proving decisive in the attacking third".

"Mess, now 35, has never had such a better balance between organizing, carrying, and scoring as he does, and as former teammate Maraschino says, he is truly a trinity of players. You could say he is one of the greatest goal scorers of all time and the best passer of the ball, and you wouldn't lack enough evidence to back up your claim".

"However, Mess is still not finished. Next month's World Cup will present Argentina with another chance to climb the road to glory. Maybe Mess's pace has slowed down, but his mind, is still so sharp".

"In the meantime, pundits, fans, and writers of all stripes will try to use words and metaphors to describe and express his unparalleled greatness; but they will all ultimately fail, just like this article you're reading right now! The best thing we can do is to heed Gladiola's advice when he said, "Don't write about Mess, don't try to describe him, just watch him."

In the nearly twenty years since Mess came into the world, there has been a constant stream of praise for Mess, not only from the fans who love him, but also from his teammates, coaches, and almost all famous soccer professionals, and even from the players and coaches of many of Mess's opponents, who have convinced almost everyone; it is hard to see anyone describing him in the opposite way, which, in fact, has shown that Mess has convinced almost everyone!!

And a variety of evaluation of Mess's words is also fancy, and beautiful, which also appeared in the world of soccer, a major spectacle: a huge "Me blow" group, as well as a variety of wonderful "Me blow, quotes" out of nowhere.

For example, as the English footballer Rachel said: when I knew Mess existed, I knew I was a piece of shit!

And when someone mocked Reline for this, he replied, "What a wonderful buttocks it is!

And then there was the famous Mourning who was convinced by Mess: there are two kinds of soccer in the world: a soccer with Mess and soccer without Mess!

Like China's famous host Ba Swansong said in a well-known "plum blowing quote": soccer to benefit from C Lou's talent, and Mess's talent to benefit from soccer!

Such and such quotes by Me blow can be countless, but as "442" said, they still can not perfectly describe, or complete expression of the true art of soccer master Mess all, we can only watch the real performance of Mess on the field, to truly appreciate all the subtleties of the great Mess soccer!

And what is envy everyone in soccer is that it is almost impossible to find another master in the history of soccer who can have such a perfect image as Mess, both on and off the pitch!

On the pitch, Mess is arguably the most fouled, but he rarely retaliates maliciously against opponents, and rarely tangles with opponents or referees, so there is the "Mess who can't be kicked down", Mess's clean soccer character of not being a "boxer". This is also the main reason why he is seldom maliciously kicked by his opponents in his career - because the opponents respect Mess's noble ball and character inwardly!

Speaking of character, Mess off the pitch is introverted, low-key; humble, gentle; friendly, and loyal ...... also makes people talk about it, like the fragrance of flowers swirling around ...... football world, such a beautiful image, and how many people can do this state! It!

So, no matter how the history of the ranking, and whether or not the World Cup champion, but Mess has long been his name and greatness, deeply engraved in the highest glory of soccer history, and is not to anyone's will for transfer!


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