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Study Reveals UK's Filthiest Football Stadiums

Report Compiled Using Views Of Fans To Show Where They Had The Best Match

By Ashish PrabhuPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Image: The Pie Pundit

Nottingham Forest's City Ground is the filthiest football stadium in the Premier League.

That's according to the results of a survey which looked at the number of times certain key words were used in Google reviews as well as the government web site for official food ratings which gathered data to determine what fans perceived to be the filthiest stadiums in the Premier League. According to the study which looked at around two hundred and forty thousand reviews, there was a high number of reviews which contained negative terms such as dirty, poor, 'needs cleaning', disgusting, vile, unhygienic, filthy & gross, the resulting data found that The City Ground was the filthiest stadium.

The full factual report of the study was put together by in an effort to ensure that all football fans were aware of the cleanliness and environmental issues they would experience when attending the stadium on match days. The rating system helps bring football stadiums in to the same category as other restaurants or cafes in the country which already have similar rating systems for hygiene.

Manchester City's Etihad came back with the best results for cleanliness and match day experiences which is in contrast to the fact that the club are constantly harassed for their lack of atmosphere despite winning four of the last five titles. The stadium is recognised to be one of the more enjoyable experiences with decent food options and short queue's.

There have been many research study's which look to analyse fan's experiences during match days. Many of the people surveyed stated that they almost always had limited choice when they attended matches with nearly always only having pies and other forms of snack foods available for half time. There needs to be a wider choice of food items available which are more suited to people who might be watching their weight and making sure they can control how large their waist line is.

During a recent study which looked at the rate of obesity in the UK, it was found that an estimated 25.9% of adults in the country are classed as being extremely overweight or obese. The research also found that a further 37.9% were over weight but not obese. This shows that we are going through a health crisis at the moment. If more and more people become overweight or obese, we will be looking at increasing numbers of people who have diabetes and other weight related conditions.

People should keep an eye on their Body Mass Index with people having a BMI over thirty being classed as obese and having a BMI of twenty five to thirty being classed as overweight. This means that more and more adults are potentially dying young and not being able to do the things that they want to such as watch their children grow up or look after other members of their family.

There have been many campaigns around the country to try and improve the health of the nation. This started off with trying to ensure that school children have a healthy, well balanced meal during their school day. Many people will have heard of campaigns such as this and be able to associate with them as they will have been headed by famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver etc.

This knowledge and know how needs to be applied to other sectors and areas of the country such as the sports industry to ensure that all sports professionals and fans can enjoy a healthy, well balanced snack or meal when they need it. This will help to improve the state of the nations health and hopefully drastically cut the rate at which people are becoming obese and contracting diseases such as diabetes etc.

If you'd like to know where your favourite team ranks, please visit The City Ground is The Filthiest Stadium in the Premier League - Casinosenligne


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