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Seville, the return of the king!

In the Europa League, if Sevilla says he is a supporting role, then no team dares to claim the protagonist.

By ditreh loietwaPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

From 2006 to 2016, Sevilla reached the Europa League final five times and won all the trophies, making it the team with the most titles in the tournament. After that night, their record became six finals and six championships. As a result, the Europa League is often jokingly referred to as the "Seville Cup".

Sometimes you have to believe that there will be an aura of protagonists on certain occasions, such as Sevilla's role in the Europa League. Seville was not the absolute king of the event in 2005 and 06, beating Lille, Schalke and Middlesbrough all the way to win the cup for the first time in team history. A year later, they beat the Spaniard in the La Liga civil war, becoming the second team to defend their title in the Europa League after Real Madrid in the 1980s.

The story from 2014 to 2016 makes Seville more mythical. In the Europa League, Sevilla can not only win the traditional strong teams such as Valencia in the civil war, but also have no fear in the face of first-tier giants like Liverpool, the strong-strong dialogue can be won by will, and the weak teams are also stable. After achieving the first three consecutive championships in the history of the Europa League, Emery was crowned on the altar, and Sevilla also "successfully named" the tournament in public opinion.

It's so legendary that it's happening again this season. During the Europa League rematch, there were Manchester United, Inter, Roma, Wolves, Bayer Leverkusen and other powerful teams from the five major leagues, and the calls of the Red Devils and the Nerazzurri reached their zenith, but none of this could stop Sevilla from shining. Even though Rome was eliminated by chopping melons in the eighth final and beating Wolves in the fourth final, Sevilla had only a lead over Shakhtar Donetsk in the four teams in the semi-finals.

The charm of football is that you can never rely on paper strength to judge the outcome of a match. Compared with Manchester United and Inter, Sevilla does look "dim in the stars". But this team has an unparalleled will bonus in the Europa League-this has been confirmed by the tenacious elimination of Manchester United in the semi-finals, and people begin to believe that the "Seville Cup" is no longer a hindrance. It is a fact accumulated by countless experiences and self-confidence.

The final between Sevilla and Internazionale, no matter from any point of view, is close to 50-50, and the strike combination of Lukaku and Lautaro is indeed better known than the Trident of Suso, Luc de Jong and Ocampos. however, Sevilla played out the overall strength. Lukaku can score 11 consecutive Europa League goals on spot shots, and Luc de Jong can score twice with a header. Throughout the first half, both sides were in a battle of wits, coupled with Goding's header, four goals ignited the passion completely, but also let the suspense continue.

Lukaku was destined to be the subject of the night, scoring a goal to equalize Ronaldo's first season scoring record for Inter, and his performance in the second half determined the fate of Inter. In the 65th minute, the Belgian won a single knife but was saved by Bunu. Nine minutes later, Diego Carlos made a freehand barb in the Inter restricted area and the ball hit Lukaku and bounced into the net-no one expected that the winner or loser of Inter's most important game of the season was Lukaku, who had been highlight for the whole season.

After Sevilla took the lead again, Inter continued to attack, Sevilla retreated firmly on defense, Sanchez's shot was only one step away from the goal, and the strong La Liga team never let the city fall. After six minutes of stoppage time, Inter's dream of regaining the European title was shattered and Sevilla once again proved his irrefutable dominance in the Europa League.

There is no doubt that Sevilla is not the strongest team in the Europa League this season, but it is not only the strength itself that determines the outcome of competitive sports, but also experience, determination, fighting spirit, on-the-spot play and some luck. With successive victories over Manchester United and Inter Milan, Sevilla's sixth Europa League title is more successful than ever, proving that football is always a team sport beyond the individual.

After a brilliant and exciting final, the dust of the Europa League settled, Inter fell one step away from the title and the Sevilla king returned. Two days later, the Champions League final, which is the final game of the season, will begin. What kind of story will happen in the final night?


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