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*****Poam***** "Whispers of the Vanished Grove"

"A Poetic Plea for Forest Conservation"

By Dimuth Priyankakumar Hakmana VitharanaPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
*****Poam***** "Whispers of the Vanished Grove"
Photo by Alex Larusso on Unsplash

In the heart of nature's gentle embrace,

Where verdant forests once held their grace,

A sorrowful tale unfolds, untold,

Of a world where destruction takes its hold.

Once stood mighty trees, reaching for the sky,

Their branches kissed by clouds drifting by,

A symphony of life in every leaf,

A refuge for creatures, solace for grief.

But greed's relentless hunger took its toll,

As axes swung, and chainsaws roared, uncontrolled,

The echoes of felled giants filled the air,

Leaving behind a desolate, barren despair.

Where once stood a tapestry of green,

Now lies a wasteland, an empty scene,

Silent whispers of the fallen rise,

As nature weeps, and the soul of Earth cries.

Gone are the birds that sang their sweet refrain,

Vanished are the beasts that roamed the terrain,

The vibrant hues of flora, now faded and gray,

The rhythm of life, lost in this disarray.

We, the custodians of this fragile land,

Must recognize the power within our hand,

To heal the scars that mar the forest's face,

And restore its beauty, with unwavering grace.

For forests are the lungs of this sacred Earth,

Their demise threatens life's very birth,

Let us unite, in love and in care,

To protect the forests, our common prayer.

With every step, let us sow the seeds,

Of harmony and stewardship, fulfilling our needs,

Together, hand in hand, we can strive,

To bring back the forest, so it may thrive.

For the soul of nature, we must ignite,

A flame of compassion, burning bright,

And in its warmth, let new life sprout,

From ashes and ruins, let hope devout.

Let us rewrite the tale of destruction's might,

With a story of restoration, bathed in light,

For in the forest's resurrection, we shall find,

A future where harmony and beauty are aligned.

In the wake of devastation, a glimmer of hope emerges,

As the world awakens to the need for urgent surges,

Of action, compassion, and a collective will,

To reclaim what was lost and mend the forest's ill.

From the ashes of remorse, a movement takes shape,

Activists, scientists, and communities, all draped,

In determination and a deep-rooted love,

For the Earth's treasures, bestowed from above.

Efforts to restore the forest gain momentum,

As reforestation projects become a sacrament,

Seeds of native trees are tenderly sown,

In the barren soil that once felt so alone.

Volunteers join hands, young and old alike,

Planting saplings with care, ensuring they strike,

Deep roots into the Earth, gaining strength and might,

A symbol of resilience, against the darkest night.

Organizations mobilize, bringing forth innovation,

Developing sustainable practices, a new foundation,

For the relationship between humans and trees,

Harnessing knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Technology lends a helping hand in this quest,

Drones and satellites aid in forest assessment,

Mapping the damage, tracking regrowth's pace,

Guiding conservation efforts with precision and grace.

Communities, too, reclaim their vital role,

Guardians of the forest, with a purpose to uphold,

Sustainable livelihoods intertwined with nature's dance,

Balancing progress and preservation, in every circumstance.

Education becomes the beacon that guides the way,

Teaching generations the value of forests, each day,

Instilling reverence for the interconnectedness of life,

Nurturing empathy, and cultivating a world without strife.

Governments and policymakers heed the call,

Enacting laws and regulations to prevent further fall,

Of ancient forests, ensuring their protection,

Preserving biodiversity for future generations' reflection.

And slowly, but surely, the forest awakens,

With a symphony of life, joyous and unshaken,

Birds return to sing their melodious tunes,

Creatures find refuge beneath the crescent moons.

The once barren land transforms, verdant and alive,

As nature reclaims her throne, and dreams revive,

The forest flourishes, reborn from despair,

A testament to humanity's capacity to repair.

In this rewritten tale of resilience and grace,

The soul of nature finds solace and embrace,

And as the forest thrives, so do we all,

For our fate and hers are intertwined, standing tall.

So, let us continue this journey, hand in hand,

With reverence for the Earth, and love for the land,

For in the restoration of forests, we'll find,

A future where harmony and beauty are aligned.

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