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Paras Khadka; Heart of Nepal Cricket

by Srijan Kunwar 9 months ago in celebrities
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Captain Paras

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As for the popularity of the Paras khadka at home, he has been described as a version of their country by Sachin Tendulkar, although his skills are very much in line with Garry Sobers.

Khadka took over as national team captain in 2009 and led Nepal cricket from Division 5 to the ODI division. During the reign of Paras Khadka, the Nepalese Cricket Federation rose to international prominence, won a series of cricket, qualified for the 2014 T20 World Cup, and won the ODI title in 2018.

Khadka also played for Nepal in three U19 World Championships in 2004, 2006, and 2008. Another major achievement was his captain who led Nepal to their first major international event when they secured a place in the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh in 2014. marked the beginning of a gradual rise in world standards in Nepal, the Division Five World Cricket League, the first place in the 2014 T20 World Cup where they won victories over Afghanistan and Hong Kong and reached the ODI level in 2018. Khadka has played 250 times for the senior team and while his record of 1,497 running in 44 games on average 35 may seem simple, his contributions have made a difference when he reached 250 and knocked out less than half of them.

In January 2018, Paras Khadka was named captain for ICC World Cricket League Division '2' 2018. As a cricketer, Khadka has dedicated his heart, his blood, and his soul and has always dreamed of being the best in the country. Having been involved in all of Nepal's cricket for the past two decades, Khadka is looking for a better cricket system in Nepal. He is the longest-serving and most successful captain in Nepal of the national cricket team.

Nepalese cricketer Paras Khadka has announced on social media that now is the right time to withdraw from the Nepalese national team after playing for the national team for 18 years. Nepal's top coach, one of his colleagues in Nepal's cricket history, announced the resignation of his national team captain on Tuesday morning, ending his 19-year stint in world cricket.

Khadka said he was looking for a new way to move things forward, a new beginning, and committed to a vision that goes hand in hand with the restoration of the Nepal Cricket Association. When Paras Khadka became Nepal's first international cricket team, he led the team to a historic victory. Since then, he has been closely linked to the responsibilities of Nepali cricketers, such as playing potato commercials, be it romantic or recreational.

Titanium not only of Nepal but also of the rest of the world, few people on the cricket field had a greater impact on the record of their country than Paras Khadka. A tireless Nepali cricketer, he was accompanying the game at a time when it was unpredictable and continued his march towards admission to wider cricket.

The appointment led to the rapid growth of Nepal cricket and within three years the national team was playing its first T20I in Hong Kong in the ICC World Cup qualifying round. Four years later Nepal played its first one-day match against the Netherlands with captain Paras Khadka. Nepali's cricket team competed in the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh in 2014 under Khadka captain.

Khadka was Nepali's top scorer with 799 live T20Is and 315 ODI runs. Paras Khadka, the former captain of Nepal, played 10 ODI and 33 T20 matches between 2009 and 2019, making him the longest-serving captain in cricket. In the last match of the Khadka's veterans against Thailand in the ACC Eastern Region T20 in March 2020, he did not score a great goal but ended up holding a Nepali cricket torch.

The 33-year-old represented Nepal under-15s since 2002, playing 10 ODIs and 33 T20Is, and from 2009 to 2019 also played captain, making him the former Nepal captain. Paras Khadka became the longest-serving captain in cricket until he resigned. Nepal Cricket has made a name for itself in the line-up by entering the 2014 T20 World Cup and securing the ODI title in 2018. He led his team to their first ODI series of matches in 2019 against the UAE and led his team to an 11-T20I 26-game battle while in charge.

The Cricket Association of Nepal has decided to officially retire shirt number 77 as tribute to former Nepal captain Paras Khadka, who announced his retirement after representing Nepal in 10 ODIs and 33 T20Is. Former Nepalese cricket captain Paras Khadka announced his retirement from international cricket on social media.


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