LAFC Is the Bandwagon Team for Angelenos

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Having a real soccer team in Los Angeles like the Galaxy, many decided to bandwagon and become an LAFC fan.

LAFC Is the Bandwagon Team for Angelenos
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How is it that a team that has only been around for two years has such a huge following? LAFC fans act as if the team has been around for ages. This fanbase, which is good for them, act like the team has been around so long that tradition has been established already. All in a matter of two years. As for the league, MLS, how is it that a team in its sophomore year has great players?

It is very obvious that the league loves to make new teams extremely good. Especially when the team has a brand new stadium in downtown Los Angeles. Still, this team pops up out of nowhere, and Angelenos embrace it like the team has a huge history in the league. It’s only two years old!

The Bandwagon

See, LAFC established itself right in the center of the city. The Stadium, Banc of California Stadium, was constructed right on Exposition Blvd, next to the Coliseum. It is because of this that many Angelenos jumped the bandwagon and decided to love LAFC. These people claim that Banc of California is located where the real Angelenos come from, South Central.

Also, these hipsters that are basically transplants and have only been living in Los Angeles a few years have also joined the LAFC parade. For the most part, these hipsters did not likely know that there is this great team from Los Angeles called the Galaxy. So, having the stadium near them, these hipsters take the bus or Uber to the game instead of going to a stadium that has established tradition and history.

The worst bandwagoners are the Galaxy fans that jumped ship. These people claim that LAFC’s fanbase is a lot of fun. They claim that the Galaxy crowd is boring! Also, the whole stadium being near downtown is also a factor as to why they choose LAFC over their old team the Galaxy. That is just a shame! You know why?

Well, the Galaxy are still a very good team. They have the most championships out of all the teams in the league. It’s not like the LA Lakers, who were terrible for many seasons, so the new generation tends to like the LA Clippers. That is very understandable! The LA Galaxy though, has rocked since 1996 and still does. So, switching teams to be in a cool crowd is a douchebag move!

The MLS Allows New Teams to Do Well From the Start

Yes, the MLS allows new teams to do great in the first years of their existence. This is done so the new teams grow a huge fanbase right away. The Chicago Fire, in its second year in the league, won a championship in the late 90s. It happened again with Atlanta FC last year. Atlanta is now a third year team, and it is the defending champion. Minnesota United FC is also in its second year and they are playoff bound in the Western Conference.

Rumor has it that Intern Miami, owned by David Beckham, will have a star-packed team next year for its debut year. This is all done so these new teams have a successful market. The league allows these new teams to get the best, skipping over the other teams that have been around the league and establishing tradition. Anyway, in the end, money talks in sports, so nothing can be done to stop this. It's just that in many leagues around the world, the new teams have to earn their respect and status in their leagues. With the MLS, new teams are like entitled snobs and get new stadiums with a star-packed team. Bogus!

LAFC on Top

This season, the new Angeleno soccer team is on top of the league with all kinds of records. Yes, this would definitely bring in a horde of fans, but it is obvious that it was intended. Plus, these new cats that love LAFC were haters of the MLS. These same fans that worship the LAFC are the same people that said the league was weak a few years back. These people that fly the gold and black LAFC flags root for other leagues around the world. Now, they love the MLS. You know why? These LAFC fans were given a team that is packed with soccer stars, and, of course, the team is thriving. This team will most likely win the title this year, because it is basically unstoppable.

Still, the true Angeleno team in the City of Los Angeles is going to be the LA Galaxy. Yes, this team fought many years to be where it is at. It has a history of players from all over the world. It has established a rivalry with another California team, the San Jose Earthquakes, known as the California Clasico. The Galaxy has had long years of struggle and has won the league title five times, more than any team in the league. The LAFC came out of nowhere and has never been a bad team. In the end, the league will see how many of these fans will stay true once the team sucks for a few years. Not the LA Galaxy; even when they are not doing well, the fans stick around and root for the real team. As the Galaxy fans like to sing, “This is LA, our city our home!"

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