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[EPL] Conceding a goal in the 95th minute with 47 seconds, Manchester United misses a chance to fight for the fourth place

Manchester United failed to seize the opportunity at home

By KarpenaruPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
[EPL] Conceding a goal in the 95th minute with 47 seconds, Manchester United misses a chance to fight for the fourth place
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After Chelsea and Leicester lost one after another, Manchester United failed to seize the opportunity at home in the 35th round of the EPL and was forced to draw 2-2 by Southampton due to a whistle-stop goal, ending their four-game winning streak and missing the chance to reach the third place in the table.

Pogba (right) and Adams fighting for the ball

The possession rate between Manchester United and Southampton was 48% to 52%, shots on goal was 8 to 9, shots on target were 4 to 5, attacks were 100 to 132, and dangerous attacks were 52 to 51. Except for the last item, Southampton had a slight advantage and the draw was a reasonable result.

Southampton opened the scoring, and while goals from Rashford and Martial put United back in front, the pair missed three good chances to break through after that. United failed to extend their lead and kill the game, allowing Southampton to retain the chance to equalize.

Southampton's attack was threatening, with United goalkeeper, David De Gea's punt on the opponent's Raymond's in-swinging shot being a world-class save that was a sure goal.

Southampton finally broke through with Obafemi, turning United's 3 points into 1 in the 95th minute and 47 seconds, the latest goal conceded at home in United's history.

McCarthy (left) saves a shot from Martial (center)

United did not play at their best in this match, their performance was only normal, Southampton played better.

The top two scorers in the United squad are Greenwood (6.3) and Pogba (5.8). It is normal for Greenwood's form to drop off after his high performance in the first few games, after all, he is not yet 19 years old.

Pogba made a big mistake shortly after the start of the game - conceding the ball at the back directly led to the loss of the ball. Pogba's major shortcoming is that he likes to pretend, complicating simple problems, especially after playing better in the first few games it is easy to make the same old mistakes. Pogba's move was a complete add-on, as he had a chance to pass the ball out when he got the ball in front of the box, but he had to carry it a bit, which gave the opponent a chance to close in and steal the ball from his feet.

Shortly afterward, Pogba cloned the mistake again, only for Southampton's final pass to be confiscated by De Gea, who was there in time to make a big mistake.

This is not the first time that Manchester United has missed the opportunity to occupy fourth place this season. Previously, there were chances that Chelsea lost or drew, and then Manchester United went on to win the game to go beyond, but they failed to grasp it. The ability of Manchester United to play key hard fights is still a big gap compared to Liverpool and Manchester City.

At present, with 59 points, Manchester United has one point less than Chelsea and the same points as Leicester, so there is still hope for fourth place. The last round of the direct clash between Manchester United and Leicester is likely to be the key battle to decide who will fight for the Champions League next season.


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