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by Luke wright about a year ago in football
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If everyone could forget David Beckham, it will certainly not be the newly elect FC Barcelona president who used the former England captain fame to rise to the pinnacle of FC Barcelona affair in 2003. David Beckham might not have played for Barcelona and however played for the Catalan arch rival, Real Madrid, but his name changed the course of presidential election among Barcelona rank in 2003 and such was the fame and pedigree that the former England winger pose in the game.

While the technical prowess and game play understanding of the former Manchester United winger cannot be overly emphasized, the prolific winger is fondly remembered for his for his outrageous set piece skill and eclectic mix of hairstyles.

The former Manchester United winger's trademark free kick ability was so renowned, while he is among the best to bend the ball from a spot over the head of the wall into the bottom corner of the game, David Beckham will certainly be remembered in English football as one of Premier League greatest freekick takers. Even, the Englishman ability on freekick had a critically acclaimed low budget film named after it.

While he’s among the greats in the world of football to score most freekick with 65 goals to his name behind Juninho Pernambucano (77 goals), Pele (70 goals), Ronaldinho Gaucho (66 goals), Victor Legrotaglie (66 goals). Beckham freekick techniques is certainly joy to watch while he bend the ball moving behind the wall and over the wall while the ball curl away from the goal keeper into the back of the nets required constant practice, patience and perseverance to master and certainly, the Englishman is well celebrated for his attribute.

And with that attribute, the Englishman has travelled round the world from his boyhood club in England, the former superstar player had moved from Spain, United State, Italy, France and other part of the world while he was greatly celebrated and deeply loved by the fans all over the world irrespective of whomever he played for.

However, despite his traveling, audacity and success in the game, below are the best freekick that the former LA Galaxy hitman had in his career while he was playing.

England 2-2 Greece (World Cup Qualifier)

There is little margin for error when David Beckham took the mantle of hope for the whole of England in their bid to qualify for the 2002 world cup in Korea and Japan.

The Three Lions needed only draw against Greece to advance to the group stage of the mundial in 2002 and while England was trailing the Greek counterpart around lost time, when it seemed that the hope of qualifying for the next world cup is winding down as the time wind down, the English team was throwing everything they had against the Greek but there was no change in score line, England was still trailing Greece as they kept hoping the score line remain the same for just next five minute.

However, when it seemed that the hope was nothing but gone, here comes the hero of the night, David Beckham, the winger sent a stunning free kick from 25 yards range on goal curling around the wall and into the top corner to book England's place at the 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup. Although the Three Lions would not advance beyond the quarter final while the whole world watch Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo dazzled the world as they lift the most prestigious football gong in Asia. Without much to say, nothing can be talking away from the former Real Madrid hitman as he single-handedly took England to 2002 World Cup with his brilliant freekick

Everton 1-2 Manchester United (Premier League)

While on the verge of moving to Real Madrid from Manchester United, the prolific freekick scorer was at the centre stage in what happened to be his last league match for Manchester United. The England international round off his stay at the Old Trafford with league title, a win and a trademark freekick from the right corner of 25 yards from goal. What a way to bow out of a club!

The hitman, David Beckham's final goal for his boyhood club was a spectacle that wow many football fans who came to watch the technical winger played for the last time in Manchester United shirt before he departed for the greener pasture in the center of Spain in Madrid.

And it was a signature free kick to draw his side level against Everton in May 2003. Despite the free kick being stationed at the right side of the box which thus appears to suit a left player. Beckham produced a moment of magic from the free kick with all the unpredictable curve in the world to send the ball into the top corner of the net without the reach of the goal keeper.

Although, it might not be the winning goal but many Manchester United faithful will remember the goal all their life as a moment of extraordinary magic.

Malaga 1-3 Real Madrid (Liga BBVA)

After much anticipation of his move to the capital city of Spain, the Englishman glides into his old self while he concurrently produced moment of Brilliance in his match for the Los Merengues in his days.

The hitman was just about free-kick prowess, but his vision and off the ball technicality was worthy of so many fans praise. But the Madrid faithful would not wait much longer to the freekick magnifico as the former number 23 in white side of Madrid produced a stunning freekick against Malaga at La Rosaleda stadium on September beautiful evening.

In what make the freekick goal sumptuous was the fact that David Beckham bends the dead ball into the top corner of the net with his trademark curl but standing over the dead ball with Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos, to whom are freekick specialist themselves is enough headache for the opposing team.

The England winger had always played the dead ball himself with an assist from any other person, his first freekick in Real Madrid shirt came as surprises to many as he laid the ball to Figo, who trapped it before Beckham unleashed a masterfully veering strike, leaving Malaga goalkeeper Francesc Arnau helpless while the goal keeper who had clearly never seen Bend it Like Beckham - completely deceived by the sheer swerve on the ball.

Los Angeles Galaxy 4-1 Kansas City (Major League Soccer)

After Beckham departed the Spanish giant club in 2007 and while he had been the star among the MLS team due to his experience, technicality and footballing signature that comes with the bending or curling of the ball either from dead balls or square play while the game is on and while the Englishman had treated the Major League Soccer to the trademark goals and freekick in his time, it was in 2011 that Beckham wow the audience with superb techniques in his trademarks free kicks when LA Galaxy square it off with Kansas City.

Beckham treated LA Galaxy fans to a particularly memorable version of his signature move in May 2011 to give his side, LA Galaxy a 4-1 lead over Kansas City. While the ball angle to the goal was so bent toward the corner area, not so many footballers would have dreamt of playing the ball toward the goal but would rather played it in attempt of hoping their player would head it inside, but Beckham opted for direct free kick with a stranglehold on the goal keeper as the free kick awarded on the corner of the box.

Beckham bent an absolutely spectacular strike into the top corner. Even the American commentator not usually renowned as the shy and retiring type was lost for words to describe the majestic dead ball situation as many couldn’t believe their eyes.


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