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Coach David Parker on Today's Best Javelin Throwers

Coach David Parker | Shanghai, China

By Coach David ParkerPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

While great javelin throwers need to possess significant amounts of strength, it is their ability to master the technique and perfect their throws that separates them from the rest. There are thousands of javelin athletes worldwide, but this list presents six of today’s best javelin throwers.

Johannes Vetter

Germany’s Johannes Vetter is currently on top of the charts regarding the men’s category of the throwing event, which is the javelin. In terms of achievements, he has already secured a gold medal from the World Championship and has made it to three finals. However, his Olympic medal hopes have slipped away, and he will look to change that.

Jakub Vadlejch

Czech Republic’s Jakub Vadlejch is the first athlete on this list. Like Vetter, he also has a silver medal from the World Championship. Despite not being able to capture the gold yet, he has a personal best of 89.73 meters. This impressive performance came during the most intense pressure event in the world.

Julian Weber

Another German athlete, Julian Weber, is in the third position. Although he has not been able to capture a gold medal yet, he has made it to several Olympic finals and the World Championship finals in his career. His personal best of 88.29 meters is quite impressive.

Neeraj Chopra

At the age of 24, Indian athlete, Neeraj Chopra, became the first athlete from his country to win an Olympic gold medal in athletics. He was also able to win the gold medal at the Asian Games. His personal best of 88.07 meters is quite impressive. This score has proved to be enough to secure him prestigious honors at international tournaments.

Anderson Peters

Another 24-year-old athlete who caught the public’s attention is Anderson Peters from the Republic of Grenada. He has already won a gold medal from the Pan American Games and a World Championship gold medal. His personal best is 87.31 meters.

Keshorn Walcott

The last athlete on this list is Keshorn Walcott, a 28-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago. He has already won two gold medals and a silver from the Olympic and Pan American Games. His personal best throw is 90.16 meters.


Coach David Parker is a dedicated javelin and conditioning coach that places a high value on his athletes’ growth as athletes and their physical strength and stamina. For many years, David has been in charge of overseeing the expansion of national programs and the physical development of national program athletes in Shanghai, China. David is always looking for new ways to help his athletes improve, and he does more than just teach them the rules of a sport; he also focuses on their body movements. With this approach, David is able to aid in the development of his athletes while maintaining a safe and regulated training environment. Known for his innovative and practical training methods, David helps his athletes improve their dynamic stability, reduce the risk of injury and be ready for anything that may come their way.

As a successful entrepreneur, China’s National Men’s Javelin Coach, and the Head Performance Javelin Coach for the Shanghai Track & Field Team, David Parker has a wide range of responsibilities. Sightline Performance and The Javelin Throw, of which he is a co-owner and director, are also under his direction. Coach David Parker formerly worked for British Athletics as the National Performance Institute Coach for Throws and as the Lead Throws Coach at Loughborough University, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

In his spare time, when he isn’t relaxing with his family, David plays football for two separate teams in Shanghai and enjoys skiing and golfing whenever possible. While it may seem like David’s life is centered solely around athleticism, he is a big advocate for conservation on a global scale. His aspirations include reaching a point in his career where he can lend his voice to some of the world’s challenges. His dream is to retire from coaching one day and launch his own bee farm, a hobby that has long been his passion. In addition, David hopes to grow and maintain an apple orchard and manufacture his own cider.


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Coach David Parker

David Parker works as the Chinese Athletics Association’s National Men’s Javelin Coach and the Shanghai Track & Field Team’s Head Performance Javelin Coach. He is also a Co-owner and Director of The Javelin Throw and Sightline Performance.

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