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A year has passed!

A year has passed!

By ALLISON LAWSONPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The comet came, a glowing red orb and an aggressive tail. It can be seen from great palaces, from poor people's houses, and from the crowds in the streets; The lone traveler in the pathless wilderness can see it. Everyone has their own idea about it. "Come and look at this signal in the sky, come and look at this brilliant sky scene!" People said so, and everyone hurried to see. But there was still a little boy in the house with his mother. The candle was burning and mother thought there was a flower in it. The wax ran all around, and the wax was sharp and wrinkled. This meant, or so she thought, that the boy was going to die soon. The flower was facing him, you know. It's a superstition that comes down from ancient times and she believes in it. It was precisely this child who was to live for many years, to see the comet reappear in sixty years. The little boy did not see the flowers in the candlelight, nor did he think of the shining comet that appeared in the sky for the first time in his life. He sat with a mended bowl in front of him. He put the handle of a clay pipe into the soapy water in the bowl. Then he put the pipe in his mouth and blew soap bubbles, big and small. Soap bubbles are floating and changing beautiful colors. From gold to red, from purple to blue, and then to green when the sun shines on it. "May God bless your years on earth as many soap bubbles as you blow." "So much, so much! "Said the little fellow. "The soapy water will never be finished!" The little guy blew out soap bubbles. "A year has passed! A year has passed! How the days fly!" He said this every time he blew up a soap bubble and it flew. Two soap bubbles flew into his eyes and stung his eyes. Then his tears streamed down. In each bubble, he saw a picture of the future, glittering. "You can see the comet!" "Cried the neighbor. "Come out! Don't stay in the house! ' The mother led the little boy out, and he had to put down his mud pipe and his soap-bubble blower. Because the comet is coming. The little fellow saw the bright fireball, with its shiny tail trailing behind it. Some say it is several feet long, others say it is millions of feet long; People's opinions are worlds apart. "When it appears again, our children and grandchildren will be dead!" "They said. The next time it came up, most of the people who said it were dead. But he, with the flower on the candle facing him, was sure that "he will die soon!" The little boy was still alive, but he was old and had silver hair. "White hair is the flower of old age!" As the saying goes, he has many such flowers. He is now an old school principal. The pupils said that he was very clever, and that he knew a great deal about history and geography, and that he understood all human knowledge of the heavenly bodies. 'Everything will come again! 'he said. "If you pay a little attention to people and things, you will see that they are all the same, but with different clothes and different countries." The headmaster then told the story of William Tell, who had to shoot an apple that had been placed on his son's head. Before he went to shoot, he hid another arrow in his bosom, to shoot at the tyrannical Gozler. It happened in Switzerland, and many years before that, something similar had happened in Parnatoke, Denmark. He also had to shoot an arrow at an apple placed on his son's head, and like Tell, he hid an arrow for revenge. More than a thousand years before that, there were written records of the same thing happening in Egypt. Like comets, such things come and go, and come again.


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    AWritten by ALLISON LAWSON

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