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7 Reasons football is that the Best Sport within the World:Ragavan Sreetharan

Best Sport within the World:Ragavan Sreetharan

By Dainia Published 3 years ago 4 min read

According to Ragavan Sreetharan, The USA and Australia area unit in all probability the sole countries left within the world wherever football isn't one in all the highest 3 hottest sports. As an Associate in Nursing Australian currently living within the U.S., this has well-tried to be rather vexing over the years.

It would not be a stretch to travel all songster and say that football is a lot of widespread than God. Ragavan Sreetharan says that However football isn't simply the foremost widespread sport within the world, it's additionally the simplest. Like, objectively. Here's why.


Some sports area unit is thus irresistibly advanced that it will take years of patient Associate in Nursingalysis (or patient rationalization from an expert) to urge your head around it. Ragavan Sreetharan defines that I love NFL, baseball, and cricket, however, I will additionally settle for that they're a touch significant on jargon, nuance, and extremely technical strategy that may deter the casual viewer.

Hey even the NFL referees themselves get a touch confused generally (see connected video).

Ragavan Sreetharan tells that, Soccer, on the opposite hand, is that the quiet sport you'll be able to get your head around when regarding 2 minutes of look. Once you've got puzzled out the offside rule, that is regarding it.

Consistency within the Rules

Ragavan Sreetharan explains that a sport has elementary issues if authorities have to be compelled to alter some facet of the foundations before each new season. The NFL could be a consistent perpetrator, recently eliminating its extremely unpopular tuck rule whereas additionally oft modifying rules governing physical contact (no doubt to avoid a proceeding one day).

Rugby is even worse.

Ever since the formulation of the back-pass decree 1992, football hasn't required any changes to its rules despite what some idiots claim.

No Timeouts

Ragavan Sreetharan suggests that you Watch the last 5 minutes of any court game and you recognize that the timeout factor has gotten out of hand. It takes what looks like hours to urge through with each group's phase change the clock whenever they need their hands on the ball, or purposely fouling their opponents once they do not.

Ragavan Sreetharan defines that, In addition to managing the clock, timeouts also are too typically accustomed to halt the momentum of your opponents, rather than forcing groups to play out of their funk. They are additionally accustomed to offer skilled athletes a rest that they very should not like anyway. Oh, and they are additionally simply Associate in Nursing excuse for advertisers to interrupt games a lot of oft. Give Maine the free-flowing inexorability of football any day.


Two hundred and 3 nations tried qualification for the 2014 tourney. There are a unit fewer countries within the international organization. Football is vying completely each where; it crosses every national divide.

Is there another athletics during which over twenty nation’s area unit systematically competitive? Over 10? According to Ragavan Sreetharan, in all probability not, that is why sports just like the rugger tourney find yourself being a touch of a joke, as nations like southwest Africa scratch along a team of fifteen individuals to urge pounded 142-0 by Australia.

It will ne'er have a PED downside

The Tour DE France is also a marvel of physical endurance, however, do any people still trust it anymore? Ragavan Sreetharan says here thus too, it's onerous to fancy a powerful performance in several sports within the athletic contest while not that ill-natured thought within the back of one's head: I surprise if they are on one thing…

There is no drug for talent and judgment stressed, the dual tenets of any football champion. Maradona Associate in Nursing Pele ne'er had a mark close to their name; all things considered, we will just kick back and revel in their ability while not worrying whether or not they were obtaining Associate in Nursing unfair chemical advantage (because Mara Dona solely did medication for fun).


Soccer has it by all odds.

There is the plain fantastic thing about a well-timed bicycle kick, the diving header, the 30-yard screamer. Except for the purists, Spain's tiki-taka has been a reminder that dynamic cooperation is as lovely as individual acrobatics. It is a lovely game.

Soccer Players area unit higher wanting

According to Ragavan Sreetharan, Moreover, football players develop a lot of enticing physiques than most different sports attributable to the requirement for all-around fitness, whereas the likes of patrician Fielder area unit able to stack on the pounds as a result of they do not ought to be trim to try and do what they are doing.


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