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What if earth was actually flat?

shape of the earth

By Violet MuthoniPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
What if earth was actually flat?
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

If the Earth possessed a boundary, I would desire it to resemble this.

The boundary of a planar Earth.

I am aware, I am aware, we have previously discussed this matter.

However, there is an enchanting quality to it.

An eclipse where the Earth is perceived as flat.

Trees growing at an angle.

The formidable ice wall, protected by the vigilant oversight of NASA, naturally.

The individuals who believe in a flat Earth certainly possess a remarkable capacity for imagination.

However, what if their assertions were accurate?

If you were not aware of the information shared on the flat-Earth channel, allow me to provide you with a brief summary.

Throughout millennia, the prevailing belief among the masses was that the Earth possessed a flat shape, with all celestial bodies orbiting around it.

Later, Nicolaus Copernicus introduced his innovative notion.

The hypothesis argued that the Earth was not planar and unequivocally not the focal point of any celestial body.

Based on his findings, he concluded that our planet is in orbit around the Sun.

However, even after the passage of 500 years, there are still individuals scattered over the world who firmly believe that the Earth is flat.

Are you aware of the reason behind the formation of planets in a spherical configuration?

A single term.

Gravity is the force that attracts stuff towards one other, exerting equal pressure from all directions.

Consequently, matter coalesces into a spherical shape.

However, this statement would not be true if the Earth were flat.

Skeptics of the round Earth theory argue that gravity does not exist.

The perception of gravity arises due to an unknown force that propels the Earth, which has a flat shape resembling a pancake, in an upward direction.

It is unnecessary for me to inform you that it is impossible to continuously augment velocity indefinitely.

Eventually, you would reach a speed that is considered excessive.

Does anyone experience the sensation of being a pancake that has been overcooked?

Is that not the case?

If one desires accurate scientific information, it is indeed true that gravity would exist on a flat Earth.

Furthermore, it would be peculiar.

The point of equilibrium on a level surface The Earth would be positioned precisely in the center.

All objects on Earth and in its vicinity would experience gravitational attraction towards this specific location.

As you move farther from the center, the gravitational force becomes stronger.

Eventually, gravity would exert a downward force on you, necessitating the need to initiate an ascent.

This is the explanation for why it is impossible to walk to the edge of a flat Earth.

The gravitational force in that vicinity would be exceedingly powerful, rendering it unfeasible for you to traverse.

It is possible that you may never get the opportunity to witness the magnificent 45 m (150 ft) towering ice wall known as Antarctica, which acts as a protective barrier along the Earth's perimeter.

Furthermore, you would never get knowledge about the contents on the opposite side.

However, at the very least, you would not experience the act of falling from it.

There would be other consequences of this peculiar gravitational force.

Objects located near the periphery of the Earth would descend in a lateral direction rather than vertically.

Due to the force of gravity, trees on the pancake-shaped Earth would grow diagonally as they strive against the gravitational pull.

Precipitation in the form of rain, snow, and hail would descend into the Arctic region located at the Earth's core.

The precipitation would gather and accumulate.

The gravitational force would cause the oceans to be drawn towards the center of the disk, resulting in the formation of a single large ocean in the middle.

An important issue to consider is the atmospheric pressure on a flat Earth.

The force of gravity would cause a significant amount of air to be attracted towards the core of the Earth, resulting in a complete absence of air pressure in the places located near the edges.

That would be detrimental, as individuals residing in a flat-Earth Australia would experience a scarcity of oxygen necessary for respiration.

If you were in proximity to the equator, where the Arctic region is located, the immense pressure exerted by the atmosphere would result in your physical compression.

However, the duration will be short-lived.

A flat Earth would lack a geomagnetic field.

The Earth's core movements generate this field.

A flat Earth would lack a curvature.

In the absence of any restraining force, our atmosphere would disperse and eventually escape into outer space.

Our bodies would be subjected to sun radiation, which could lead to the development of cancer and harm our DNA.

If we did not have breathable air, it would be absent throughout the entire world.

I hope you can locate a life-support system nearby.

Now, let us proceed to the questions that we have all been eagerly anticipating.

Every adherent of the flat Earth theory is aware that the Sun follows a round path around a disc-shaped Earth, and the Moon does the same.

Both objects have a diameter of around 50 kilometers (31 miles) and function as enormous sources of light.

However, let us incorporate traditional scientific principles into the equation.

If the Sun functioned as a spotlight, its illumination would be seen from all locations on Earth, regardless of whether it directly illuminated a specific area.

The visual depiction would resemble those situations commonly associated with alien abductions.

I am curious about the source of their inspiration.

This system would lack a day and night cycle.

That would be rather peculiar.

How can I ensure that I get enough sleep to maintain my physical attractiveness?

Indeed, I possess the knowledge and skills necessary to rectify this situation.

Indeed, that is an improvement.

In order for a flat Earth to have alternate periods of daylight and darkness, the Sun would need to revolve around the globe in the following manner.

During daylight hours, the entire Earth would be illuminated by the Sun.

As the Sun set, the Earth would transition into nighttime.

Time zones would be eliminated, and seasons would cease to exist.

However, it is possible to disrupt your schedule by staying awake till late and indulging in the consumption of WHAT IF films.

You would be fortunate if the Sun were significantly smaller than the Earth.

Yes, to some extent.

Consider the following scenario. If the Sun maintained its massive size while orbiting a flat Earth, it would incinerate the entire globe.

The reason for this is the proximity at which it would approach us.

Conversely, if the Sun were far smaller than its actual size, we would experience extreme coldness leading to our demise.

The reason for this is that a flat Earth would possess approximately 2.5 times the surface area of our spherical Earth.

We would receive only one-third of the total energy emitted by a regular-sized Sun.

The existence of a flat Earth is not supported by sufficient evidence.

Furthermore, we have not yet discussed this matter.

Flat-Earth adherents believe in the existence of a hypothetical celestial body that opposes or counteracts the moon's effects.

Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth is positioned between the Sun and the Moon on our spherical planet.

If the Earth were flat, the eclipses would appear as follows.

Furthermore, achieving such alignment would necessitate exceptional precision.

If the flat Earth conspiracy were shown to be genuine, revealing that our spherical planet was manipulated by digital editing, and GPS devices were intentionally tampered with for financial motives, it would inevitably initiate a dialogue regarding more conspiracy ideas.

Regrettably, a significant number of individuals, including those who adhere to the belief in a flat Earth, are currently experiencing cognitive dissonance.

That is when their thoughts and views exhibit inconsistency and do not consistently align with reality.

We are consistently exposed to pseudoevidence that has the ability to substantiate any notion, regardless of its validity.

Even if it fails to hold up under scrutiny with a modicum of rational thought.

Had Copernicus devoted 10 hours to studying flat-Earth conspiracy films on YouTube, even he might have conceded his error.

Have you ever observed a planet that resembles the shape of a donut?

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