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West Side Story part 2

West Side Story is a musical conceived by Jerome Robbins with music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by Arthur Laurents.

By ABDUL RASHID Published 5 months ago 2 min read
West Side Story part 2
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with Maria. Tony is devastated by the news of Maria's supposed death and is consumed by grief. He can't believe that the love they shared could be taken away so suddenly. In his anguish, he contemplates taking his own life, unable to bear the thought of living without Maria.

Meanwhile, Maria, unaware of the chaos unfolding outside, arrives at Doc's, her heart filled with hope and anticipation. She envisions a future with Tony, away from the violence and hatred that has plagued their lives. Little does she know that her world is about to come crashing down.

As she enters Doc's, the atmosphere is heavy with tension. The Jets, fueled by anger and prejudice, are ready to seek revenge for what they believe Chino has done. Anita, still reeling from the assault she endured, delivers the devastating news to the Jets, falsely claiming that Chino has taken Maria's life.

Tony, lost in his own despair, hears the news and is overcome with a mix of emotions. He feels a surge of anger towards the Jets for their actions, but also a profound sadness for the loss of Maria. In that moment, he realizes the destructive power of hatred and violence, and how it has torn their world apart.

Doc, witnessing the pain and anguish in Tony's eyes, tries to console him. He implores Tony to find another way, to choose love over revenge. But Tony, consumed by grief and guilt, can't see beyond his own despair.

In the midst of this turmoil, Maria, who has miraculously survived, arrives at Doc's. She sees the devastation in Tony's eyes and rushes to his side, desperate to bring him back from the edge. She pleads with him to choose life, to choose love, and to believe in the power of their connection.

In that moment, Tony and Maria realize that their love is stronger than the hatred that surrounds them. They understand that they have the power to break the cycle of violence and create a better future. With renewed determination, they decide to fight for their love, for a world where understanding and acceptance prevail.

As they embrace, the dreamlike world they once found solace in becomes a reality. They are no longer confined by the walls of Maria's bedroom or the prejudices of society. Instead, they are free to create their own destiny, to build a future where love conquers all.

And so, Tony and Maria, united in their love and resilience, embark on a journey to change the world. They become beacons of hope,


"Gee, Officer Krupke" sung by the Jets, original Broadway cast (1957)

The Jets

Riff, the leader

Tony, Riff's best friend

Diesel, Riff's lieutenant

Action, A-Rab, Baby John, Big Deal, Gee-Tar, Mouthpiece, Snowboy, Tiger and Anybodys

The Jet Girls

Velma, Riff's girlfriend[30]

Graziella, Diesel's girlfriend

Minnie, Clarice and Pauline

The Sharks

Bernardo, the leader

Chino, Bernardo's best friend

Pepe, second-in-command

Indio, Luis, Anxious, Nibbles, Juano, Toro and Moose

The Shark Girls

Maria, Bernardo's sister

Anita, Bernardo's girlfriend

Rosalia, Consuelo, Teresita, Francisca, Estella and Marguerita

The Adults

Doc, owner of the local drugstore/soda shop

Schrank, racist local police lieutenant

Krupke, neighborhood cop and Schrank's right-hand man

Glad Hand, well-meaning social worker in charge of the dance

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