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Clues of AI Assistance

By Judey Kalchik Published 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 2 min read

Titles are important; they set the stage, draw in the reader, and pique the interest as they build the desire to find out more. Subtitles are an additional nudge, a taste of what's to come, and often a clue to the upcoming content.

In some AI generated content they are also just a bit more; they are clues to the use of AI. The examples shown below are from our eleven actual Vocal stories which were published on 8/18/23.

The Broken Title

It is a Vocal requirement that all submitted content has both a title and a subtitle. Many AI tools provide only the title, so the user gets somewhat creative, and breaks off a word to use as the subtitle of this fiction piece:

example of a broken title/subtitle, screenshot by author


The Subtitle Giveaway

This example shows the user copying and inserting part of the actual AI communication and using it as the subtitle. This is the actual prompt they communicated to the program to craft the story, which they placed in the EARTH Community, not Fiction:

screenshot by author


The Quoter

Quotation Marks are used to attribute content to a source. While not unique to AI assisted content the use of quotes, especially in both the title and subtitle, can be an alert that is was pasted from AI and the user may subconsciously signal that it isn't their content.

In the second example, the story was written as Fiction but it was posted to the Art Community.

screenshot by author
screenshot by author


The Aside Used as Subtitle

This user wrote the subtitle themselves as an aside to the reader.

screenshot by author

The subtitle is at odds with the Community to which it was posted: it's their dream but it was posted to Book Club.



Several of the examples above include buzzwords: words that often occur in AI generated content. This will be explored more in the Location Names and Vocabulary chapters.

Take a moment now to jot down the words you think may be buzzwords. Don't look ahead!

The next chapter is on Featured Images.


The content above is the First Chapter of my work in progress, described in this Vocal story.

This is the link to the next chapter: Featured Images:

I appreciate your comments: what questions regarding titles and subtitles are still unanswered for you? What do you think the buzzwords are from the examples shown?

Note- the image at the top was created by the author using Canva


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Judey Kalchik

It's my time to find and use my voice.

Poetry, short stories, memories, and a lot of things I think and wish I'd known a long time ago.

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  • Rene Peters7 months ago

    This is really interesting! I never knew any signs of AI content

  • D. D. Lee9 months ago

    Just read through this entire info-series. This is very fascinating stuff. The times that we live in, where writers have to compete with AI, it’s interesting as well as scary in a way. Again, thank you for taking the time to compile these articles for the community. Truly amazing work.

  • Darkos10 months ago

    I think You are right but at the same time We should be open and confront the new just for experience I have tried it also in here last week for the first time and I thought it's the end of brain for human thoughts but I first wrote in my origin language later English and later tried the Ai to check and it felt like a monster for my brain as a result . I tried the experience but I knew I will need to correct all or come back to my origin version and from there find a way as it's not easy to express things always in a worldly manner but if you don't try it You won't be able to detect it in others and I noticed many English speaking people using it though I saw and felt how for people who are not using English in their real life experience Ai restore memory about the vocabulary especially which felt good for the brain at least for me but You don't want it in the multiply version To read and recognize in everywhere which also occurr when you go through the art history and read books from people who finished the same kind of university they will carry similar way of writing and critiques even thought it all came from human mind and observations as it was my experience after all with time of it and for it to discover but Ai is a different language a machine one that I did try not judging myself for it because I am human living on this earth in this world full of many people so I need experience it too as a one but many not only copy machine but another human being hard work too getting money for it daily while the original one stay unpaid and out of the light for their own safety I think protection from God, coming back to Ai if I didn't try it a couple of times I would not know about it and how to recognize it later on in others so I think approach matters and as a designer and digital creator I am always open for the new and unfortunately need accept the fact of Ai generating it too in seconds while I spend hours days to create one and it comes truly from real life so I allow myself for such try too once in a while whether it feels comfortable or horrible for Me I think we need to find something in between I still don't know the solution for it all but I will create one for myself at least where I used the Ai help I feel like I need correct it so that will feel the me not the Ai. and Your post reminded me about it so I need to get to dig in through it today as it feels not all right and not okey for my brain to leave it this way but we are human and often there can be time just for life if we were not able to have it so such additional help can be good for people who carry multiply obligation during a day ! of course if someone just use it entirely that's not good as the person learn nothing out of such experience if Ai serves to improve your language or vocabulary later on that's a good try it can even lead to other discovery and improvement beyond Ai I think that would be the best way to think of it and use it and let people do how they are doing it you don't know the Hell they are going through inside of their mind or houses or environments until this world will not find solution to save humanity people will try every way in the times of terror like war, domestic violence to get out of earn money for food ! I could be angry for whole world and many copy takers in my life from each field I try but I need appreciate their progress ;) and when I was younger in my class all the students who never even read the books had better grades than I did injustice meet us from very early age this world is not prepared for real people but for narcissist so once a time we need know how narcissists work and act to uncover and unmask them in real life Ai was probably created by one of them ! as it's very inhuman and changes the context and meaning making it a salad from an original ! the same as with the design made in a second ! and some are really great but it's always better to create from it your own way ! I love your article and memory from Your work that You somehow need to face daily now and I know it takes time to heal because I alone go thru it over and over again with so many things and issues in here and not only ! but still we can't stop devastation that is happening everywhere we go and You are a hero for such courage in here to write about it ! I literally don't need mention it anymore and was looking for someone to notice it too but I tried myself too otherwise how I will know from where it comes ! just I got frustrated with it in just 3 days and left it's the same as with healing you can sometimes have support from groups of healers their energy but if one doesn't produce it on their own it will not heal ! and not learn ! the same goes with writing and Ai it's just example how to write if You need one, people who learn English will benefit from it that's for sure ! I think I may write about it too will see ! if Vocal allow for it I created the story so I don't feel bad about using Ai to correct and I used it just 3-4 times in here so it's not a crime but it felt like a one for a while real human will have issues even if they are just trying new ways like others do ! but someone who copy or create with a help not making any effort will not even care about it ! otherwise in this world good real people could do with lots of freedom their own job and world could be a better place for the ones that carry the truth out ! but it's not we are becoming ninjas in our life ! much love to You, hope you won't kill me for the try but I understand Your point deeply.

  • Denise E Lindquist10 months ago

    Nice, thank you!❤️

  • Hope Martin10 months ago

    Oh random question on specificity... I use AI to help me generate images for some of my articles, but the work is all mine. Like for example my tales retold story about the little mermaid - I had AI generate me a picture from the prompt "beautiful red haired mermaid." And that picture is what was made. But the content is all my own original. Do I need to disclaim AI images?

  • Cendrine Marrouat10 months ago

    Another excellent piece!

  • Excellent information.

  • J. Delaney-Howe10 months ago

    Very informative. You communicate plainly and give examples. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Jazzy 10 months ago

    You out here doing the Lords work!

  • Kendall Defoe 10 months ago

    Nice list of clues here. ;)

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