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Saving Purgatory Chapter 1:Background!

It took 3 years to make the 3 chapters we have written. The reason will be made clear in chapter 2.

By Allie and EmmyPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Two children caked in mud stand before a hooded figure. “Stay here!” He commanded with a booming voice and walked away.

The girls jumped and clung to each other; not because they understood the command but rather the tone of his voice.

Ize started braiding Sashi knotted muddy hair. Smiling and babbling in a language only the two know.

Narrerater: “But before we get too far into the story of these lovely children. You must know how they got here”

—5 Years earlier—

Left side- Ize (10)

Father- Nigel

Mother- Dia

On Silles-B66

Ize is playing with dolls in her room; lost in a world all her own. Unaware of her mother packing a bag for the young girl; for an uncertain destination. “Now my sweet Ize you’ll have to go on a trip without us” Dia said “But why mommy?” Ize asks, unsure of why her otherwise loving parents would just throw her out. They walked her to a platform with a small ship, packed with food and servant bots. “We love you sweetheart, never forget us” Her dad said, placing a locket with the family around her neck. As the ship takes off Ize is sitting quietly asking herself why? “Why do I need a locket with my family’s picture in it? I’m gonna see them again… right?” She looks out the window to see an interdimensional worm eat her planet whole; as it dives back into the portal it’s tail hits Ize’s ship causing her to hit her head, knocking her out and the ship to go flying to an unknown destination.

Right side- Sashi (11)

Father- Nox

Mother- Nyx

On Tronoe-9BHC

Sashi is working in the kitchen making food for her family who was working in the field. Her mother burst in “Go pack a bag!” she commanded. Sashi ran to her room and grabbed her emergency bag. She knew this day was coming and she was prepared. Her mom and dad hugged her and her siblings before sending them off, if unknown fates. She was in the pilot seat of her ship. She gives her parents a thumbs up and a wave; as she readies herself for the long journey. She hits the engines, takes off and breaks the atmosphere. She looks back in time to see her planet get sucked into a blackhole.

Present day on Planet Dion-Q3C in the Snail Shell Nebula.

Two hooded figures walk back into the room, “Quiet, Ahh yes the children!” the man said “Get them cleaned up, they are getting mud everywhere!” he spat glaring at the two. “Yes, Master” the other hooded figures said. Gently guiding the girls out of the room. A woman dressed in ceremonial garb “are they ready for sacrifice?” She said “the preparations are being made, Lady Wiltfong.” He said bowing to her “Just make sure all specifications are met” She growled and threw a book at him. ‘With the full moon just a day away, Ocean will be pleased with the two sacrifices we found.’ Thought Lady Wiltfong hopefully. “Make sure you brand them this time.” She shouted after them.

The children were torn away from each other and pulled into different room. Sashi, the older of the two, had been branded with the symbol of the moon. Poor little Ize had to be knocked unconscious; her struggling already messed up more than a few attempts to mark her for the Sun God.

Sashi was put in a room, after a few moments the unconscious body of Ize was brought in. Sashi was mortified, fearing her only friend and chosen sister was killed by these bruits. She cried softly till she heard Ize start to whimper.

Part 1HorrorFictionFantasyCONTENT WARNING

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  • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

    Great work! Can’t wait for chapter 2

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