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It wasn’t just a dream

When a stalker finally decides to fulfill his plans against his crush things get really messy.

By Agbonu Rosemary Published about a month ago 3 min read
Chapter one (chaos)

she ran out of the school security department looking frightened, had she seen a ghost? No, it was worse, she saw her entire life flash before her own eyes. The security department was just a small building by the gate of the school. Starlet University wasn’t just any college, it was one of the most prestigious college in the entire West with more than ten security guards who took shifts and were watching the students 24/7.

Serena ran out of the building with her heart in her throat she was so frightened she couldn’t even scream for help; you know when your having a nightmare and you try to scream but somehow your voice chooses not to leave your thought? Yeah that’s what was going on, the only difference was this wasn’t a dream.

“ me” in between breaths Serena managed to call out to the woman who parked her black Tesla by the side of the school “you have to help me” Khara turning to her left side meets a situation that completely turns her life upside down. Serena fell buy the confused khara who had shock written all over her face pointing to Serena’s bloody shirt “what happened, where what.. what is going on” Serena grabs her arm and starts crying, Khara looks for signs to see if they are in any danger but she can’t seem to find any, she pulls Serena in to the back sit of the car and wraps her up with a fuzzy blanket she had in her car sit, “look at me” grabbing Serena’s face “your alright ok, your going to be fine” with teary eyes the frightened Serena shakes her head in agreement before hugging the lady who just saved her life. “Stay here I’ll be right back” Khara says as she opens the left door of the back sit and walks out of the car. Khara calls her husband who was in the office who also happens to be the commissioner of police District one: “hello honey there is a problem” she says “I need some police officers at starlet University right now” she breaks in to tears “honey what’s wrongs, what happened” the commissioner asks his wife, “she looks horrible” Khara says “who looks horrible, what is going on” the commissioner raises his voice in fear as he stands up from his rotating black chair, “honey meet me at the regional hospital in thirty minutes” she says as she drops the call. Khara goes back in to the back sit and assures Serena that everything is going to be ok and that the police are on their way.

Ten minutes later the police arrive at the School gates “good morning madam” the first officer greets Khara who was snow standing outside of her car “the commissioner sent us over, can we go over the situation?” Khara shakes her head in agreement and then opens the door of the car. One look at Serena and the police officers face went from calm to anger “what happened” Khara looks at Serena and sees the fear in her eyes so she speaks instead “she ran out of that building” pointing towards the guard post “looking like this”. The officer whose eyes never left Serena broke his gaze and made so jottings in his note book and then walked back to the other 4 police officers who were waiting for orders. All Khara saw was him making some hand gestures and just like that the four officers headed towards the guard post holding their guns in defense positions. Once they got close enough one of the officers made some hand gestures and two of the officers went around the building towards the back and the other two went inside the guard post and what they saw made their eyes pop out of their heads: “ in here” one of the officers who was in the building yelled out to the other two who were outside. They rushed in to the building and were shocked; one man layer dead on the floor in a pool of blood, and another was unconscious behind a large brown wood desk that had some confescated items underneath it. “Look at this” the third officer spoke pointing to a trail of blood that led out of the building towards the fence at the back of the guard post. “What the hell happened in here” the second police officer said looking perplexed.


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