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It's rice planting season

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By Brian Wong Published about a month ago 2 min read

It's rice planting season.

I was very tired from the weeding work yesterday, so I fell asleep immediately. I didn't even have time to go to the toilet, and I slept soundly. I felt a little regretful when I woke up, and then continued to sleep for a while.

Then I heard someone saying that I wanted to have breakfast, so I woke up, ate breakfast, and then went out. Walking on the path between rice fields. The harvest season has arrived.

It was really amazing to see the harvester at first. The original harvesters required someone to follow and control them. But even so, it feels amazing. Just follow along and the crops will be planted.

Now I drive entirely while sitting on it. The advent of the automobile harvester. Planting crops also becomes very fast. Amazing.

As I was walking along the rice fields, I heard the sound of an engine.

When I walked towards the direction of the sound, a large hill-like rice field was being planted in full swing in the rice fields below.

A lot has changed in the rice fields. The emergence of harvesters made paramecium disappear, and harvesting was no longer done manually by farmers, but became a kind of robbery. Even the work of leveling rice fields is a thing of the past. The length of the rice fields is no longer the length of the road. It has no other meaning than as a boundary or a dike regulating water levels.

But walking on the rice fields is still beautiful. There is no place like the memories of the rice fields. Walking on the rice fields feels very happy. Even if it's not mine, it feels as rich and comfortable as if it were mine. I consider such romantic mornings to be a blessing.

Harvest season is here. Although it is hard to find what it was like in the past, there are still scenes of harvesting in the rice fields. The years are changing, but what cannot be changed is that only when you harvest can you gain something.

What do I think I should harvest today? I thought to myself that having a harvester is such a blessing. This is something to be grateful for.

Still, it's nice to walk along the rice fields.

There is no better place to relive old times than the rice fields.

Walking on the ridge of rice fields, I feel very happy.

Even though it's not mine, I feel comfortable like a rich person, like it's all mine.

I consider such a romantic morning a blessing.


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