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Indian Democracy.

Live off the people; why the people and forget the people.

By Swaran Singh Bala Published about a month ago 2 min read
Indian Democracy.
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In the intricate dance of Indian politics, the mantra "of the people, by the people, for the people" often takes on divergent meanings, particularly concerning the treatment of minority communities. While democratic ideals espouse equal representation and protection for all citizens, the reality often reveals a different narrative, where politicians exploit, neglect, and sideline minority groups for their own gains.
**Live off the people:**
At the heart of democratic governance lies the principle of serving the interests of the people. However, some politicians stray from this noble ideal, viewing public office as a means to personal enrichment and power consolidation rather than a platform for genuine service. Corruption, cronyism, and unethical practices plague the political landscape, siphoning resources away from critical social programs and infrastructure development that could benefit all citizens, including minorities.
Furthermore, some politicians exploit communal divisions and prejudices to advance their agendas, scapegoating minority communities to mobilize support from majority groups. This exploitation not only perpetuates stereotypes and stigmatization but also deepens social rifts, hindering efforts towards national unity and cohesion.
**Why the people:**
Minority communities, including religious, ethnic, and linguistic minorities, often find themselves at the fringes of political representation and decision-making processes. Despite constitutional guarantees of equality and protection, minorities frequently face discrimination, marginalization, and violence, both overt and systemic.
Political parties, instead of addressing these systemic injustices, sometimes instrumentalize minority issues for electoral gains, making lofty promises during campaigns but failing to deliver meaningful change once in power. This pattern of neglect and exploitation exacerbates feelings of alienation and disenfranchisement among minority populations, eroding trust in democratic institutions and processes.
**For(get) the people:**
In the labyrinth of political maneuvering and power struggles, the voices and concerns of ordinary citizens, often get drowned out. Electoral promises remain unfulfilled, basic rights and freedoms are infringed upon, and socio-economic disparities persist, perpetuating cycles of poverty and exclusion.
Moreover, the erosion of secular values and the rise of communal politics further marginalize minority communities, threatening the very fabric of India's pluralistic society. When politicians prioritize divisive rhetoric and discriminatory policies over inclusive governance and social justice, they betray the trust of the people they are meant to serve, forsaking the principles of democracy and equality enshrined in the Constitution.
True democracy can only flourish when politicians prioritize the welfare and rights of all citizens, regardless of their religious, ethnic, or linguistic background. Only then can India truly live up to the ideals of "of the people, by the people, for the people," including its minority communities who are an integral part of the nation's rich tapestry of diversity and pluralism.



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