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Cloth Scrub Caps vs Disposable Surgical Caps: Which Is More Effective at Preventing Contamination in the OR?

Maintaining cleanliness is a cornerstone of healthcare, especially in the operating room (OR) where a sterile environment is crucial for successful surgeries.

By Sunshine CapscoPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

Maintaining cleanliness is a cornerstone of healthcare, especially in the operating room (OR) where a sterile environment is crucial for successful surgeries. Surgeons and their teams undertake extensive preparations, including dressing appropriately in scrubs. Among these, scrub caps play a vital role in ensuring the sterility of the OR.

Recently, the debate between cloth scrub caps and disposable surgical caps has gained attention. With various options available, it’s important to understand the differences and benefits of each type to make an informed decision.

The Role of Head Coverings in the Operating Room

Do Scrub Caps Prevent Infection?

Absolutely. The primary function of scrub caps is to minimize the shedding of hair and skin particles, thereby reducing the risk of contamination in the OR. Both cloth and disposable caps contribute significantly to maintaining a sterile environment during surgical procedures.

To aid in your decision-making, here is a comparison of cloth scrub caps and disposable surgical caps:

Disposable Surgical Caps

Disposable caps are usually made from non-woven fabrics and are designed for single use. They offer ease of use and can be conveniently disposed of after each surgery, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Pros of Disposable Surgical Caps:

Convenience: Easy to use and discard after each procedure.

Reduced Cross-Contamination: Minimizes the risk of carrying contaminants between surgeries.

Cost-Effective: Generally cheaper upfront, as they are intended for single use.

Cons of Disposable Surgical Caps:

Environmental Impact: Contribute to medical waste and may not be eco-friendly.

Permeability: Some studies suggest they may have larger pores, potentially allowing greater microbial shedding.

Cloth Scrub Caps

Cloth scrub caps are typically made of cotton, providing breathability while maintaining a sterile environment. They come in various styles and designs, offering both functionality and personalization.

Pros of Cloth Scrub Caps:

Durability: Made from high-quality, durable fabrics, they can withstand daily use.

Customization: Available in a variety of prints, colors, and styles.

Hair Protection: Some feature satin-lined interiors to protect hair from frizz and breakage.

Cons of Cloth Scrub Caps:

Washing Requirements: Need regular machine washing; improper cleaning can lead to contamination.

Cost Over Time: While cost-effective in the long run, they require a higher initial investment.

Comparison Between Cloth and Disposable Surgical Caps

Research, such as the study "Hats Off: A Study of Different Operating Room Headgear Assessed by Environmental Quality Indicators," indicates that disposable bouffant caps may have higher permeability and microbial shed compared to cloth scrub caps. This suggests that cloth caps might offer better protection against airborne contamination.

Another study, "Cloth Caps More Effective Than Disposable Caps at Preventing Contamination in the OR," supports the idea that cloth scrub caps are superior in preventing contamination. Dr. Troy A. Markel, the principal investigator, noted that "cloth skull caps are thicker and have the lowest permeability."


In the debate of cloth vs. disposable scrub caps, cloth scrub caps appear to provide better contamination prevention. While disposable caps offer convenience, cloth caps are more durable and effective. The choice depends on factors like effectiveness, cost, environmental impact, and personal preference.

Healthcare professionals should evaluate the specific needs of their environment when deciding on the type of headgear to use. Ensuring a clean and sterile operating room is paramount, and the right choice of scrub cap is a crucial step in that direction.

For those interested in stylish and functional cloth scrub caps with fun prints, visit Sunshine Caps Co. to find the perfect match for your needs and personality!


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