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Bella's Favorite Purse In The Market Is Not For Sale

Episode 4:The Unexpected Meeting

By M.B Hesperia Published 2 months ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read
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Bella met a stranger who claimed to know the truth about the purse just as she started to connect the puzzle together. Bella listened as the stranger told a story of deception and mystery, curious but suspicious.

The visitor claimed that the bag had not only secrets of its own but also a link to a long-lost treasure thought to be buried deep within the market.

But Bella couldn't get rid of the discomfort that settled in her stomach since it appeared like the stranger's intentions weren't entirely genuine.

Was she fooled by this mysterious person, or were they actually providing her with information about the purse's real origins?

With conflicting feelings spinning around her, Bella had to make a tough choice.

Bella was curious enough, though carefully, to follow the stranger's lead despite her doubts. Bella felt more uneasy as shadows danced around them and whispers seemed to echo in the shadows.

However, just as Bella was starting to second-guess her choice to put her trust in the stranger, they discovered a secret nook book out of sight.

And inside was a clue that would take Bella even deeper into the mysterious and strange world around the mysterious handbag.

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To Be Continued.....

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M.B Hesperia

_I loose words when I tell , so I write. _

Being a single mother I use my earnings for my daughter's education and well-being. Highly appreciate your support and love.

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  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    Amazing 🤩🤩 story style welldone keep it up

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