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By Maili PaulPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 2 min read
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Heat poured off her skin in waves. The summoning screams still ringing in her ears as her vision expanded. Her quarry stood over the children, breathing the fear off them. Bile rose in the back of her throat at the sight of him feeding. His long bony fingers stroked one of the girl’s hair back, tucking it behind her ear. Her eyes were tight shut, and she shuttered at the touch, a small whine rising in the air. Andria let her hoody drop off her shoulders and to the ground.

“Bārāq” she growled, and Alexa took full form. Giant wings of lightning crackled, casting shifting shadows that fled across the floor.

“Alexa and Andria, you shouldn’t have come.” He turned toward her. “I am destined to consume you, mashhit.”

Alexa flapped in response to the taunt. “Ra’am,” Andria snarled, and thunder slammed into him. Knocking him back over the children and into the wall.

Andria extended her she’vet and swept the two small humans into her arms. Letting Alexa’s power flow into them she whispered, “Run” and pushed them toward the door.

He was already rounding on her as she stood. Acrid black smoke poured off his body as his human skin melted away. Belial was mostly humanoid in appearance, but he had thick, black, leathery skin that fumed toxic miasma, and his reptilian jaw unhinged as he charged.

“Elohim, forgive me, grant me strength, and accept this as mine and Alexa’s final sacrifice. Make us one.” her whispered prayer broke with Belial’s impact.

His maw clamped down on her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around him, locking her arms behind his. The smell of burning flesh filled the air as her arms pressed tight against his acidic hide. Meat hands grabbed at Alexa’s mount on her back, but he was too late, Alexa poured into Andria, her body glowing as the lightning crackled under her skin. Belial realized and tried to push back away but they were too entwined.

“We are Alexandria, we are one.” she whispered in his ear. “Bārāq”

Lightning erupted from her shoulder where his teeth still lay buried in the flesh. It pulled Alexandria as one into his essences. He consumed her and she burned him from the inside. She drowned him in thunder and his body split. He screamed, tearing his own flesh apart to rid himself of her, and still she did not relent. Pulling herself into a single point of power she tore molecule from molecule, stripping his presence from physical matter, and holding it. Lightning consumed even that, and his screams died, his body disintegrated to black ash and scattered on the wind. Then she let go of the power, a single lightning bolt cracked into the clouds, the thunder a last triumphant shout. And nothing but silence remained.


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Maili Paul

I'm autistic. I'm differently abled. I'm a mom of 4 boys and 1 girl. I'm work from home. I'm happily married. I like blue and yellow, particularly together.

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