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A Gathering of Witches

The Black Coven

By Novel AllenPublished 5 months ago 10 min read

"Stirring, stirring, witches swaying. Wing of bat, dead man's cat. Mewling, mewling, witches brewing"

Great Goddess we come to you in your guise as the moon. Daughter of the earth and sister to mankind. Candle to candle, flame to red flame. Goddess of the light, we utter thy name. Reveal to us the truth hidden within the flame. We pass this light, this in your name. Make higher the light, ignite the flame"!

The Black Coven were done with waiting, tonight the prophesy would be fulfilled. The High Goddess of Light would rise again. Every year their hopes had been ignited by the emergence of a new powerful witch, and every year their hopes were dashed as the powers of the neophyte witches failed in strength and power.

Housewives, executive board members, entrepreneurs, everyday working women, doctors, lawyers, colleges grads, college attendees, and independent women were gathered for the final showdown. Daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers from every aspect of life. All united in one goal, to make a better witching world and be the most powerful of all the witches.

Tonight, they have shed their guise of regular human existence, tonight they are gathered around the blessed cauldron, as they chant their ritual invocations to the Goddess whom they are awaiting. A Goddess who will unite the many covens and foster peace.

The woods of the dark Kildaren Forest rang with the chants as black night awakened. The animals stood on the outskirts, their eyes shone and twinkled from behind the fronds and leafy foliage, barely concealed as they warily watched the witches disturb their nightly rest and rituals. Tonight, one of the forest dwellers would be sacrificed, whichever one was chosen would come willingly to fulfill its life purpose as the witches chanted.

Loudly they chanted, beneath the twinkling stars, summoning the Goddess with sacrifices of herbs. Basil, for wealth and abundance. Chamomile, to promote healing and relaxation. Frankincense and Myrrh, to promote spiritual growth and protection, and Lavender to promote calmness and relaxation. The savory fragrance of the herbs permeated and suffused the air with sweetly pungent spicy piquant flavors. Soon the blood of the chosen sacrifice would infuse the spell with its powerful supernatural power, and the Goddess would choose.

Ramla, the Grand High Witch and High Priestess, stood silent in the midst of her remaining coven. Once their numbers were many and strong, now not many remained, they had a need to regrow their rank. Many of their sisters had been lost in the quest to locate and identify the Goddess of light. The witches of the Mystic Coven would go to any lengths necessary to find the Goddess before the Dark Coven did. By them the Black Coven sisters had perished. For whomever first received the blessings of the Goddess would become the most powerful witches of all times. Both sides had suffered losses in the quest and search throughout the world.

Ramla peers up at the moon and begins to speak uplifting words to her coven this night, for she knows deep in her soul that the time of the Goddess was near.

"When the Ember warms and glows, and the spark becomes the flame, when it flickers, rises and brightens the dark skies, then we will know that the time of the Goddess has finally come. As the earth leans through the final curve, we send our love to the stars, where heat and cold make full reverse, though the turn be old as time.

Let our presence rebirth this tilt as new, where meteors lay in earthly wake. Let the Goddess not the world forsake, let her precious gifts of power come our way, summoning night to day".

While the witches chanted, another event was unfolding. We take leave of them to witness this near tragic developing story. We go to meet Kahla.

Kahla had learned witchcraft from her mother from an early age, yet no one knew their story. Her mother's coven had banished her and her child twenty-five years ago, and she refused to tell her daughter why, so she would be safe, mother told Kahla. They had lived a happy and quiet life of obscurity, until now.

The quaint little bookstore and coffee shop which they owned and operated, aptly named 'Happy delicacies', was thriving. Kahla had met a rather wonderful, kind young man. They dated for a full year and promises of marriage and happiness produced a budding seed. Yet as soon as she became with child, he had disappeared, and she never saw him again, her hopes had been cruelly dashed.

Unknown to her was the powerful wizard's secret, he had been promised to someone else. His family would never allow him to marry a common witch. However, they wanted her child, they knew that it had the potential of becoming a very powerful being. With her mother's help and blessing she bore her loneliness and pain with pride and anticipation. The months passed slowly, each one she spent hoping, but in the end, she would raise her child with her mother's help.

Kahina, Kahla's mother, heard her daughter's belabored groan and knew that her time had come. She sprang into action, called the witching midwife and told her they were on their way, but first she must cast a protection spell, for they knew that both the Mystic Coven, the wizard's family and Goddess knew who else, would also know of this event.

They hurried to the car, while Kahla felt the closeness of the contractions and wondered if they would make it to Nafeesa the midwife in time.

"Hold on Kahla, just a little farther now". Her mother urged, as she drove at breakneck speed, prompting the attention of the policeperson parked at the corner. He turned his siren on and started to give chase. Kahina slowed for a few seconds to shout out her urgency.

"Baby about to be born". The officer waved her on and followed at a distance.

She pulled in at the house, he seemed puzzled, "midwife", she shouted again. The officer smiled, waved again and drove off as Kahla slowly but urgently dragged her pregnant form from the car.

The witches chanted. Kahla screamed. Her daughter arrived into the world after what seemed like forever. The umbilical cord was severed and all was well. The midwife believing in the old ways, applied a vigorous slap to the behind of the baby, prompting a squealing most alarming. A sure sign that her lungs worked perfectly.

Inside the Mystic Coven, the Curandero peeked into the crystal ball which had suddenly lit up and shone a bright mystical purple-white color.


"The Goddess is born. The Goddess has arrived"! She chanted over and over, rocking back and forth in her happiness and joy.

The rest of the coven were summoned, brooms were quicker than cars tonight, they triangulated in witchlike fashion, saw the omen clearly shining across the sky, and located the birthplace of the blessed Goddess child.

But it seemed the Goddess had already chosen her coven. From out of the sky a large black raven screeched loudly as it descended upon the Black Coven. Its face was white as newborn snow, its talons sharp and just as white. The purple hue of the omen in the sky lit its path clearly. It slowed down as it neared the High Priestess and alit upon her outstretched arm. The lovely raven bowed its head in reverence, then retreated a short distance. The coven looked to the purple lit sky and breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The true Goddess had been born at last!

The women needed no invitation, they knew the meaning of the raven. They grabbed their brooms and sailed gracefully and hurriedly up into the night, following the charge of the raven who was now joined by its entire flock.

The mystic and Black Covens arrived above the magically protected house at the same time. Harmonia, the High Priestess to the Mystics saw the ravens as they accompanied the approaching coven. Anger seared through her entire body and soul. She knew immediately that the Goddess had already made her choice. Without thinking, she commanded her coven to attack.

The ravens screeched loudly and terribly, Ramla thanked the stars that humankind could not witness the spectacle unfolding high up in the sky. The entire flock of birds formed a barrier between the two covens, obviously protecting the members of the Black Coven.

A battle ensued as the witches invoked their various spells to break through the ranks of the large black birds. The birds descended upon them, scratching and clawing, screeching and ripping flesh and clothes. The witches screamed in agony, cast spell after spell, but to no avail. Alas, they were no match for the squawking, determined birds. Defeated and enraged, the Mystic Coven retreated, Harmonia gestured, turned and flew away with her bleeding, ragged coven trailing behind her.

Ramla breathed a sigh of relief, she had no wish for further battle on this wonderous sacred night. She bowed to the leading raven as the birds too prepared to fly away. The raven bowed its lovely white head, and the flock flew high into the now dimly lit purple sky.

From the west they beheld the two protectors of the newly born baby Goddess approaching. Noemi and Anyah came flying elegantly in on their ancient bespectacled brooms. They introduced themselves, no explanations were needed, for until the child reached maturity, everyone knew that they would be the guardians.

Every witch knew of the two guardian witches, they were extremely powerful, kind but completely ruthless as protectors. No one dared to challenge them, all those foolish enough to have tried had paid a terrible price. There were many beautiful pillars of stone statues in the Valley of Shadows.

"Kahina, remove your protection and come forth with the child". Noemi commanded.

Kahina knew that voice well, they had met many years ago. She knew that all was now well, hurriedly swaddling the child, she opened the door and stepped out. The witches alit, each was allowed to meet the child, ooh and ahh over her for a while before they all returned home to await the child's third birthday. On her third birthday her balance and harmony would then be aligned with her divine self, and she will begin to develop her full strength and powers. By her tenth birthday she would have fully achieved her divinity. Until then she would return home with her family and be fully protected. Not even the powerful wizard family could intervene.

Time passed quickly, and on the child's third birthday, the Black Coven again met in Kildaren Forest to perform the Holy Chanting ritual. Honoring the emergence of the Goddess and the strengthening of their powers, the moon waxed and waned double that night.

All was well with the witching world as the years passed. The many covens had accepted, reluctantly, their parts in the cosmic scheme of witching hierarchy, the die had now been cast.

Goddess Nevaeh is now ten years old. Beautiful, kind and very powerful. Yet in the dark of night when no one watched, her true nature emerged, this is when she communes with the darkness. By day she is the child of light, by night she revels in the dark with the devil himself as her mentor. Soon, she will bring her plans to fruition. Let the world of witches revel in her goodness. She waits patiently and she plots and plans with evil. She had chosen the kinder coven, but her alliance would eventually be questioned. Young as she was, she was crafty far beyond her years.

The witching world now knows that Nevaeh possesses the powers of both dark and light, she could traverse both realms, so peace would remain balanced in the upper and lower regions of both the spirit world, and the human world. Or so it was hoped!

The covens commune with each other, make plans accordingly and do their parts in keeping the world balanced and free from evil magic. They keep communications open with the protectors as the years passed as they should. Soon, they could use their strengthened power for greater things.

The Goddess was fast maturing, coming into her own!

But in her own secret way, Harmonia of the Mystic Coven waits and bides her time to have her revenge for not having been the chosen coven. She has joined forces with the wizarding grandparents as they plot in secret. Only time will tell what her evil plans will entail, and whether or not she is destined to succeed.

We too, await the next phase!


Some ideas for chants taken from Imbolc and Samhain by LLewellyn.

Some art done on NightCafe Studio.


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  • Bozhan Bozhkov4 months ago

    "Nevaeh possesses the powers of both dark and light, she could traverse both realms, so peace would remain balanced in the upper and lower regions" - yin-yang in other words :) And whenever the world is about to achieve balance, someone makes gloomy plans. Very serious ideas in a fascinating fairy tale.

  • Meeru 4 months ago

    wow just amazing pictures and wonderful writing.

  • The ink is black, the page is white, together they learn to "spell" & write. Whatever will happen next?

  • Darkos4 months ago

    Woaw this is amazing so lovely and the pictures I felt like a child reading it haha Really Fantastic One ! in the end I realized is for a challenge :) Seems like You are born for writing it ! Also the herbs at the beginning love the choice ! and Yes awaiting the next one about Harmonia :) Nevaeh is so beautiful !

  • Great take on the challenge and full of wonderful imagery

  • Catherine Nyomenda5 months ago

    A round of applause for Allen!!..Your story was thrilling.

  • Mariann Carroll5 months ago

    Wow, great pictures that goes along with your story. You out did yourself on this one 👏👏👏

  • I love how Nevaeh possesses both dark and light powers! And Harmonia seems scary, lol. Looking forward to the next part!

  • Naveed 5 months ago

    This writing was outstanding. I liked it a lot and couldn't find any flaws

  • Babs Iverson5 months ago

    Spectacular storytelling!!! Loved it!!!❤️❤️💕

  • Mother Combs5 months ago

    Great story

  • Nice Entry and a Great Creative Story🧹🪄

  • Lovely Herbs 🌿

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