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Month of Christmas Whodunits!

The Christmas Murder Mysteries I Read This Month

By Shelby Hagood Published 7 months ago 3 min read

1. The Peppermint Mocha Murder: Hayden is a chocolatier who comes to a small town from Las Vegas for Christmas to make chocolate houses for a charity auction a B&B owner is hosting. It is the same town that a famous author came named Albany that is debuting her memoir as a musical called Christmas in Crazytown. Hayden meets the family of Albany and believes them to be nice and nothing like how Albany depicted them in her story. She at first thinks Albany to be an ungrateful smartass, but she slowly starts learning that her family is actually pretty accurate to what was written about them in the book. The producer of the show accidentally drowned in a bowl of wassail. Hayden believes it is a murder though, and is trying to find out if someone is behind the accident. Possibly someone who believes the memoir is not very nice and wants to shut down the musical rendition.

This mystery was so lovely with the aspects of talking about chocolate mixed in with the unique spin of the memoir being what is making the small town upset. Not knowing if there was truly a murder or if it was just a coincidental accident kept me on my toes to the very end of this book.

2. Sugar Cookie Murder: Hannah is a cook in a small town who is writing a Christmas cookbook. She holds a party to show off all of the dishes that will be included in the cookbook and has a photographer take a photo of them. A man she knows from the town has just come back from Los Vegas and has married a dancer named Brandi Wyne. Brandi is found dead with an expensive cake knife stabbed into her chest. When Hannah starts investigating around the snowed in event, she figures out that Brandi is actually a girl named Mary from a town nearby. Kirby is the one who tells Hannah that Brandi wanted to steal the cake knife and sell off her engagement ring for money. Stabbed by her own way out, was the murder malicious or an accident? The pictures may tell.

Another book where you don't know if the body is an outright murder because of the character's greedy actions. Finding out that the dancer was actually from close to the town was a wild spin, making it where several people could have known her before changing her name.

3. Sleighed: Within the beach town that the owners of a coffee house live, there is a Santa union that George is apart of. He becomes upset when he is replaced from being the mall Santa by a man named Drew who doesn't take the job as seriously as he does. He keeps his Santa suit in a trash bag and doesn't respond to the kid's Santa mail. The coffee house sleuths investigate and figure out it is because the owner of the mall was blackmailed into hiring Drew for the job. He used a female friend of his to seduce the married man. When Drew is found dead in George's yard, everyone believes he is the one who killed him when George is finally found fending of the killer beside the beach.

A Santa union is so interesting. Makes me wonder if these Santa's are year round. A nice twist in thinking George was the murderer when it was really someone else that you don't even get to know. There is speculation at the end about a mob, but the true murderer remains a mystery.

4. God Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen: Merry is the daughter of the town's Santa named Noel in the town of Rudolph, New York. She owns a crystal Christmas shop that sells beautiful hand made Christmas décor. Noel calls up a man from the news to come and write about the town named Nigel. He is served a cookie laced with drugs at the town party by a gingerbread cookie baked by the local baker. It ended up killing the man because of another medicine he was taking. Did the killer know that the drugs would kill him or was it an accident because they just wanted him to feel out of sorts for a night? Who would want to sabotage the town getting more attention for being a Christmas town? Was it other tourists towns trying to compete or someone who let jealousy get to their head within their own town?

This has you thinking that someone possibly followed Nigel to Rudolph to drug him discreetly. The ending on who did it comes out of nowhere from someone not even the main character suspected.

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