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Enchanted Hill

A 1930's Mystery

By Shelby Hagood Published 7 months ago 3 min read

I enjoy browsing the shelves of Barnes & Noble every once in a while, sometimes leaving with a book or two. I recently found a book in the mystery section that encompasses everything I have ever wanted in a story. I enjoy mysteries that are set in the 1910's to 1950's. It reminds me of sitting by a fire drinking an old fashioned and smoking a cigar while clicking on an old type writer. Back in the times when there was no quick information from the internet, information was doled out by who owned the newspaper businesses.

This book is about a man named Truman Byrd who owns a mansion/castle in California that is called Enchanted Hill. He owns a newspaper, but the way he got the money to be able to have the newspaper take off is sketchy. His money could have possibly came from the story that made the headlines of his newspaper back in 1915 where man named Jack and his brother Leo went down for stealing the paintings from a museum even though the paintings were never found in his possession. Was he just at the wrong place at the wrong time?

In the midst, there is a character named Cora who is a PI for Truman's wife named Mabel. Her name reminds me of many of the M names that women had during this time period such as Mabel, Mayme, and Marem. Marem is the name of my favorite perfume that I own. It smells like exactly what I believe the time period of 1914 smells like as indicated on the bottle. With notes of rose, neroli, and eucalyptus; it is a great perfume that was made special for the actress Alla Nazimova (her real name was Marem Levanton). She performed in many silent films during that time when they were slowly converted to talkies with sound.

Mabel wants to have proof of her husband cheating on her with a young new actress named Clementine because she wants half of his money. Cora is going to work as a maid at the hill in order to go undercover to snap the photo proof. I enjoy the story line of being a housekeeper and going through people's belongings in order to investigate. I have recently played a game that is called This Bed We Made where I got to investigate around a hotel room in the 50's. I was excited about this troupe within the story because of how much fun I had playing this game.

Image from This Bed We Made game

When Cora becomes a maid, she is one of the few people that has seen Jack in real life, because she grew up with her father as the guard to the prison that he escaped from years ago. She used to talk to him through the fence and bring him candy. She instantly recognizes him when he is invited to Truman's hill as Everett Conner the cunning card player. She figures out from him how he escaped, but that his brother Leo did not make it and drowned when they were trying to swim to shore.

She starts to work with him to figure out the secrets of the house with all of its hidden corridors and secret passage ways with patterns in order to reveal his guilt while trying not to look guilty themselves. There are many birds in the house that reveal documents and secrets of his life. Blujay, Yellow bunting, Redthroat, and Dove. Do some of these hallways spell the word BYRD? Yes they do, so where does that mean all of the secrets are hidden within his own namesake obsession?


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