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Best Books to Read

When you are looking for the best books to read this season...

By Lynne BlackPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

When you are looking for the best books to read this season; I have lots of ideas for you to take with you to the beach, by the pool, or on vacation.

Best Books to Read

Indeed finding the right book to read can be challenging. So, if you are looking for something that holds your interest from the first page; keep scrolling for some of my recommendations.

Happy Place

When I first heard about this book; I was excited to read it.

When Harriet and Wyn met in college; they couldn’t get enough of each other. However, after a while, things start to change.

Over the last decade, they have met with a group of friends for a retreat. But, this year, when they get together with their friends; they find themselves in an awkward position. So, they lie to their friends over and over about their lives.

So, what happens when they find themselves still attracted to each other?

Will they find that their happy place is still with each other?

Breaking All the Rules

In this story, Beatrice has lived her life following all the rules. Moreover, she is tired of doing everything a certain way. Fast forward, she moves to Colorado to live her life on her own terms.

So, what happens when a much younger cop is called to come to an outside diner because Beatrice is wearing inappropriate clothing?

Officer Austin Cooper is fun and happy to assist Beatrice in breaking the rules.

Will they have some fun together?

Keep reading to find out what happens when rules are broken!

It Happened One Summer

When Piper Bellinger ends up in the slammer; her stepfather cuts her off. He sends her to Washington to run her late dad’s dive bar.

At the small bar, she meets Brendan, a surly sea captain. He can tell Piper doesn’t belong in this small town. So, Brendan figures Piper won’t even make it past a week. But, Piper is determined to prove him wrong.

Will Piper realize she no longer wants her old life?

Will this fisherman capture her heart?

Things We Never Get Over

So, bad boy Barber, Knox doesn’t tolerate any drama. Knox is an alpha male with tattoos and a grumpy disposition.

Naomi has a twin sister, Tina. Tina is always getting in trouble.

When Tina reaches out to Naomi, her twin sister who is supposed to be getting married; Naomi decides to run away from her wedding and help her sister again, as she always does.

At the same time, Naomi finds herself in the middle of trouble when people in the town think she is her twin, Tina.

Will she take care of her 11-year-old niece?

Naomi’s life implodes in front of Knox. And, she finds herself in real danger.

Because there is undeniable chemistry between Naomi and Knox; will he return to his peaceful life? Or, will he help Naomi with her troubles?

Practice Makes Perfect

Annie is on a mission to find her perfect match.

In Rome, Kentucky, Annie meets Will.

Because Annie has had bad luck in her dating life; her sister suggests Will give her some dating lessons. Since Will doesn’t want to settle down; Annie thinks she doesn’t have to worry about developing feelings for Will.

Will Will’s feeling change about marriage?

And, will Annie fall for the tattooed bodyguard who is only supposed to be in Kentucky for a short time?

In my opinion, this book is ideal for anyone who is looking for an excellent chic lit story.

The Cortship

So, if you haven’t read the book I finished with my cousin a few years ago, you may want to pick up a copy.

Samantha is close friends with Heather and her family. When Samantha meets Heather’s brothers; she finds herself captivated by both brothers, but soon realizes she has always had a crush on Matt.

Young love, friendship, and emotions come together many years later after being out of touch.

What will happen? Will Samantha and Matt reconcile?

Of course, you will have to read to find out…

Check out my Cortship Book Launch post to learn more about how this story came together.

As always, I welcome your comments on my recommendations for the best books to read.

Happy Reading!

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