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By infini YepPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Photo by Laura College on Unsplash

Across the globe, various species engage in a fierce battle for survival in the natural world, spanning the vast grasslands, towering peaks of the Andes, and rivers of Australia. All are entangled in deadly conflicts, with animals fighting tooth and claw for territory, food, and the right to bloodlines. From the dense forests of Africa to the remote regions of Canada, no rules apply in this animal battleground. Some creatures opt not to share space to avoid destruction, ensuring their survival. In the northern offshore waters of Australia, a formidable predator lurks - not a great white shark or killer whale, but the largest reptile on the planet, the saltwater crocodile. Protected by tough, armored scales, this apex predator fearlessly faces even the most ferocious meat-eating killers, boasting the most powerful bite force in the animal kingdom. Escaping the grasp of its three-inch long fangs is akin to surviving being crushed by a pickup truck. Among all crocodile species in the ocean, the saltwater crocodile reigns as the most aggressive. Solitude may be easier to maintain, but when it comes ashore to breed, the true killer instinct of this reptile is revealed. Guarding his prized territory like a knight in armor at his castle gate, the crocodile presents a perfect spectacle to attract the curious eye of a female. Another crocodile believes he is the lord of the castle and schemes for his own ascendancy, akin to medieval times with an aggressor at the gates. The king ventures low while the knight stands tall, with gravity aiding in delivering more force in his downward strike. The armored scales on his back act as a heavy shield, with bony plates known as osteoderms preventing even the most powerful bites in nature from penetrating. However, the vulnerable underside of his neck and limbs remain exposed, an easy target for a precise strike from his adversary. Caught in a stalemate, the knight changes tactics and initiates an underwater battle, a sudden lunge threatens to sever his foe, overwhelming the crocodile king who flees into the night of the Eastern Australian crocodile river. Not all animals seek solitude; some prefer cooperation and form alliances. When two warring factions collide, unity may be the key to survival. Though slender in build, the African wild dog is one of the most dangerous predators on the continent. With packs of up to 40 strong, they target prey twice their size and kill four out of five times they hunt, tearing down victims and feasting on them. However, if separated from the pack, there is a risk of being left behind. Inter-pack fights are rare, but if outsiders threaten local food sources, it can spark a territorial war. The invaders know they are in enemy territory, with a vanguard of three tightly knit dogs maintaining formation. One breaks ranks and charges head-on into an ambush. A family pack advances at speeds of up to 44 miles per hour, scattering the intruders and eliminating each one individually. The lone infiltrator is isolated and flees, but encounters a sudden aquatic danger. Five sets of jaws clamp down on him like prey, three dogs target the head to subdue a person with bites stronger than any other dog species. Even when flipped over, he can still bite back until a local disarms him with a strike to the throat. The crocodile's well-developed neck and muscle structure create pressure nearly double that of a human bite. This action prevents the intruder from arching his neck to bite, with 42 razor-sharp teeth encircling his throat, threatening his life. The cornered dog is in the jaws of death, but the hunting dog is relentless, focused on the task at hand, while the intruder's jaws come back to life. Once again, the terrain slows him down, and the crowd moves in to eliminate the intruder, searching for other targets. This dog has had his day, and the local scavengers won't have long to wait. Being the biggest puts you at the top, but staying there can be your undoing. It's midsummer in Yellowstone, the breeding season for America's largest land animal, the bison. This prime bull is a powerhouse, with testosterone levels doubling, fueling his aggressive behavior. This one-ton titan has a heart nearly eight times larger than an adult human's, pumping copious amounts of blood, enhancing his performance. The testosterone-fueled bison fights off rivals, making him a heavyweight contender in the animal kingdom. As the females are ready to mate and rivals gather, the bison's warning growl echoes through the season. Despite the physical toll, he takes down love rivals, maintaining his dominance. A male bison will stop at nothing to assert his position, putting his massive weight advantage to use in a downhill charge, smashing into opponents with incredible force.


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