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A boy can never be a girl's friend !

Shakespeare said...

By rana miahPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Shakespeare said, "A boy can never be a girl's friend, because there is passion, there is carnal desire." Irish poet Oscar Wilde said the same thing. "Between a woman and a man it is impossible to have only friendship. What can exist is longing, weakness, hatred or love."


Humayun Ahmed said, "A boy and a girl can be friends but they will definitely fall in love. Maybe for a very short time or at the wrong time. Or too late, and not forever.But they will fall in love."


To be honest, only friendship between boys and girls is impossible and against nature. Because if there is only friendship, nature will lose its existence. Magnets and iron can never coexist. will attract If one avoids it, he is hypocritical or cheating.

Wax melts next to the fire. A boy and a girl can be friends, but sometime it turns into love or illicit relationship. And that's normal.


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