Sigmund Fried

Not his real name, but he wishes it was. Wasted, waxing philosophical.

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Highly Effective Habits of Stoners
3 years ago
Many things can said about Mary Jane (Marijuana) in the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly sort of way, but society only focuses on the bad and doesn't see the highly effective habits of stoners. Indeed, the s...
Non Marijuana Plants that Contain Cannabinoids
3 years ago
Non marijuana plants that contain cannabinoids are not rare. It is relatively common in plant morphology. There are certainly other plants out there in the wild that are rich in cannabinoids. Cannabin...
Delta-9 THC Health Benefits
3 years ago
Marijuana grows and propagates differently from every other plant in the world. It determines its sex differently, it buds and flourishes, dies and decays, cures and burns a little differently than an...
Indica Strains in the 19th Century
3 years ago
First documented trip was in 1884. Dr. Frank Dudley Beane detailed every, physical and emotional, thought and feeling of being on the hallucinogen. He was researching marijuana Indica strains. Born in...
What Are Cannabinoids?
3 years ago
The textbook definition of a cannabinoid is (noun) “any of a group of closely related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis.” These “active constituents” are roughl...
Trippy Drugs of the Future
3 years ago
It is the future. Paul Reeves, twenty-eight, energetic, and successful, is the sales manager of a company that sells underwater real estate. He sits at his desk in his company’s offices in a steel-and...