Mark Ludas

Writer, Actor, Musician, Personal Trainer. See also: (general/personal) (short fiction) (fitness)

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Idealism in the Age of Trump
9 days ago
Donald Trump did Americans a huge favor by being elected. This favor has nothing to do with the jobs he will bring back to America, the wall he will force Mexico to build, the terrorists he will keep ...
Ten of the Dopest Most Head-Splitting Dubstep Tracks that I Know About
21 days ago
I don't know if you've ever listened to dubstep music, ragastep, rapstep, dubtrap, trap, trapstep, or #bass music in general, or if you've been listening since you were knee-high to a duck. One thing ...
Best Robotic Vacuums for Smart Homes
a month ago
There are many benefits to having a clean home: fewer allergic attacks, less embarrassment, a nice, clean smell...but cleaning isn't exactly fun. In fact, most people hate cleaning due to the tediousn...