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Your Tattoo is INSIDE Your Immune System. Literally

This article is based on: "Your Tattoo is INSIDE Your Immune System. Literally"

By xJuliPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
This article is based on this video. "Your Tattoo is INSIDE Your Immune System. Literally" by "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell"

The intricacies of Tattooing: A Journey Beneath Your Skin

Picture this: Your tattoos aren't just a few millimeters into your skin; they're woven into your immune system. Each tattoo session is like a saga, with millions of cells sacrificing themselves to protect you from the ink invading your body. Let's dive beneath the surface to explore what really happens when you get an tattoo and the risks combinated with this.

The Skin's Defense Mechanism

Your skin is a marvel of protection, protecting you from the outside world. Its main part is to prevent you from chemicals, bacterias, dirt, heat, cold and so much more. But it's a big battleground too. Constantly attacted by microbes, dirt, and other nasties, your skin must stay vigilant. That's where the conveyor belt of death comes in. The biggest part of what you see on the surface is actually dead skin cells, your skin cells which are named Basal Cells are always cloning themself, pushing the older ones to rise to the top and making space for the new ones to take their place. This cycle make sure that any invaders get swept away before they can cause big harm.

Entering the Dermis

Under the skin surface is the dermis, a very busy hub of activity. Your tattoo journey truly begins. In the moment the needle pierces your skin, it sets off a big reaction. Thousands of your cells are sacrificed in the process, but your immune system springs into action to defend against potential threats.

The Immune Response

With the introduction of tattoo ink, your body goes into high alert. Macrophages, the frontline defenders of your immune system, swarm to the scene. Their mission? To eliminate anything that they cant identify as harmless, that enters your body. But tattoo ink poses a unique challenge. Despite their best efforts, the ink particles prove stubborn, resisting the body's attempts to break them down.

The Standoff

Unable to destroy the ink, your immune system adopts a different strategy. Rather than let it spread throughout your body, the cells encapsulate the ink particles, trapping them in place. This ensures that the ink remains localized, preserving the integrity of your skin.

The Everlasting Ink

Over time, your immune cells continue to patrol the area, ensuring that the ink remains contained. However, a small amount may escape, causing your tattoo to fade over the years. Despite this, your immune system remains vigilant, always ready to defend against any potential threats.

A Testament to Your Body's Strength

In the end, your tattoo serves as a reminder of the intricate dance between your body and the outside world. It's a testament to the resilience of your immune system, constantly working behind the scenes to keep you safe.

The sacrifices of tattoos

Though there is no proof, that tattoos are harmful you should be aware that tattoos are permanent. The tattoo inc can also cause illnesses and allergies if you have a sensitive body.


So the next time you admire your tattoo, take a moment to appreciate the incredible journey it took to become a part of you. It's not just ink on your skin; it's a symbol of the unwavering dedication of your immune system.

If you are thinking sometimes about getting a tattoo, you should know of the interplay between your body's immune system and the ink that will become a permanent part of you. It's like a partnership between your body and the ink. The same time you also make sacrifices. So, make sure you pick a good artist and take care of your skin afterward. Your body's amazing, and tattoos are just one way it shows off its strength!

If you are not sure if you could get an allergie because of the tattoo, consider speaking to your doctor.


Based on YouTube Video: Your Tattoo is INSIDE Your Immune System. Literally by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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